Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bring on Summer!

Beautiful, fragrant lilacs never last long once cut. About a week ago I smashed the woody stems with a hammer before putting them into the water and they've lasted almost a week now. The cooler temperatures help, too. 

I met a friend for a stroll around Butchart Gardens today. We are all hopeful that warmer temperatures are just around the corner. On Wednesday, the lowest ever temperature high was recorded for the day. 

Meconopsis Himalayan Blue Poppies bloom with paper thin petals surrounding golden centers.

This summer marks Canada's 150th birthday and a special breed of tulips commemorates this year. Canada 150 tulips are red and white, like our flag. Beyond the tulip beds in the photo above, technicians are laying the groundwork for the fireworks displays held each Saturday night during the summer. They are always spectacular. 

Colourful Cineraria filled beds with symmetrical flowers in bright pinks and blues. 

It's cruise ship season and the garden paths were filled with people speaking many languages, all united in their appreciation of beauty. 

The forecast is for a warmer weekend, and it's a long one; Monday is Victoria Day. I'm looking forward to some garden time, and an outing on the boat. Bring on summer!


  1. Oh...those pretty blue flowers! I've never seen anything like them and I know blue is a rare color in the garden.

    Keep enjoying the new delights summer brings!

    Jane x

  2. I so love every, just every flower in your stunning shots, but your blue flowers are my favorite, I adore having this color in the garden, I seem I have caught a piece of the sky !

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead,
    I'm sending blessing of joy to you, Dearie !

    XOXO Dany

  3. I once tried to grow Meconopsis but had no success. It is the most stunning flower and brings a real blaze of blue to a garden.

  4. I love lilacs. The ones here are just I have a few days to enjoy them yet.
    It has been a really cold spring here. Last night there were areas that froze around us. ugh. At least we have a high in the mid-50s today. We'll take it!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Lorrie. xo Diana

  5. Aww I love the pretty blue flowers ...they so sweet..
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Sending you smiles x

  6. The gardens are beautiful and the visitors will certainly enjoy them. You must be near the end of the school year and looking forward to summer. We are hoping far a warm weekend, too. Right now we have snow. Yes, snow in late May. Rare but not out of the ordinary. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I always enjoy your Butchart Gardens photos. The lilacs look amazing … our hydrangeas are the closest we come to that here, and they are starting to bloom and so far the deer have not gotten them. Enjoy your hopefully warmer weekend. Sounds promising!

  8. Butchart Gardens would be such a beautiful place to visit! That blue poppy is amazing!

    Your lilacs are wonderful - glad they are lasting!

  9. I think we may have just had summer - two days in the mid 80s and back to the low 50s again. lol So glad you got an awesome photo of the blue poppy, maybe you can share it again in the cold of winter?
    Have a nice Victoria Day weekend Lorrie.

  10. I hope that I also get to see the Canada 150 tulips in person. Happy Victoria Day weeekend, Lorrie!

  11. So banging lilacs with a hammer lengthens their life span in water? I'm glad to hear about that little trick, as it is almost lilac season here! Our flowers are just bursting into bloom, and it is a joyous occasion indeed! I've always wanted to visit Buchert Gardens, how wonderful that you can just walk to see them! Gorgeous tulips. This will be a busy year for tourists coming to Canada to celebrate 150 years! Enjoy your long weekend, and I hope the sun cooperates :)

  12. Gorgeous flowers Lorrie. I must try that tip when I next cut some lilacs....they really don't last long usually do they? Your lilac vase photo is just beautiful. Hope the weather warms up and you have a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  13. You are experiencing un-springlike lows, and we are having highs in the 90's! It's a shame we can't do a little swapping and have some right in the middle. :)

    All of your photos are lovely, but I am especially taken with the second, with the blue about to burst from its pod. Stunning!

  14. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Such vibrant colors, Lorrie! Your photographs look so professional! Great job!

  15. Beautiful images, Lorrie, of your stroll through one of my favourite gardens, not that I've visited, although I would love to one day, but one that was introduced to me by you! Those blue poppies are exquisite and crepe paper cute! How lovely the musicality of the different languages that fill the air at this time throughout the gardens - true harmony!

    I hope your lilacs last as long as they can; I miss them, so, and after trying to grow them twice, here, they only bloomed two tiny bouquets! Thanks for sharing yours.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  16. We are waiting for warmth to arrive too. Every now and then we get teased with a gorgeous day, then it goes back to cool and rainy. I'm sure Buchert Gardens is a gorgeous place to visit.

  17. That second photo is stunning, Lorrie. I do believe it could easily take first place in a photo contest. The beautiful promise of spring peeking out.

  18. Our lilacs are just starting to open. I love the blue of that poppy. :) Kit

  19. You are such an artist with your camera lens!! Those blue poppies are heavenly... to think of the fun God must have had creating all those different flowers!!


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