Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Week of Winter

"Moss grows where nothing else can grow. It grows on bricks. It grows on tree bark and roofing slate. It grows in the Arctic Circle and in the balmiest tropics; it also grows on the fur of sloths, on the backs of snails, on decaying human bones. It is a resurrection engine. A single clump of moss can lie dormant and dry for forty years at a stretch, and then vault back again into life with a mere soaking of water." Elizabeth Gilbert

Winter has arrived with winds roaring down the straits. Ferry after ferry has been cancelled. The weekend was especially disruptive with passengers stranded on either side. Our Vancouver daughter had four friends stay overnight. I was called in to teach yesterday morning for a colleague who was stranded. 

Tim and I bundled up on Sunday afternoon and went for a walk around the Bog, a depression in the landscape sheltered from the wind by curving hillocks and tall trees. 

The ponds are full now, fed by streams that trickle underground and overground, between houses and under streets, thanks to the abundant recent rains. 

Green-winged Teals and Mallards quack and preen, and swim about in organized confusion. 

Later that night snow began falling, small flakes that felt like pellets that swirled up and around with the wind. Every child went to sleep with hopes of snow covering the ground in the morning. 

Our Mister F awoke early on Monday morning and quickly rushed to play outside in the fresh snow even before it was light saying, "It could be gone by recess time at school." Smart boy! 

Miss S attends another school and she told me that recess and lunch hour were extended so that students could enjoy the snow. Smart teachers! 

Snow is an event here, and there is more to come. I love the bright whiteness and the way it transforms the drab landscape into light and airiness. There is little ambivalence about snow in our city - people either love it or hate it. I'm in the love camp. 

I grew up much further north where winters can be interminable with snow lasting until March or April. That is too much winter for me now. Then I lived very near the equator for many years and winter, or seasons of any kind, were non-existent, and I missed the rhythm of the year. So I'm very happy to be in a place where seasons are mild, but definite. 

After being out in the cold briskness of winter, is there anything better than a cup of hot chocolate or tea by the fire? I think not. Saturday's puttering resulted in a clean and tidy home that makes me smile to look at it. A place for everything and everything in its place. Ahh. 

This morning a few lazy flakes continue to drift through the air. The wind has stopped for a bit and ferry passenger traffic is back to normal. Another system is blowing in and we'll see what that brings. 

Meanwhile, I'm off to school: Spanish, Foods, Spanish, and French are on today's schedule. What's on yours? 


  1. I love that the kids are able to enjoy the snow like that. Good for those teachers, too. I lived in FL and there is a change of seasons there but it is very subtle. I don't like all the snow and cold we get here but family is here---so---so am I. lol

    Have a wonderful week- your pictures are lovely. xo Diana

  2. I loved snow days growing up in Michigan. Now, not so much lol. We haven't had snow yet here in NC.

  3. I remember the holidays we used to have when my daughter lived in Smithers,BC, snow stayed for up to 6 months and was feet high!

  4. Enjoy the snow. We have snow as well, but also, as is typical at this time of year, bitter cold.

  5. Enjoy the snow, Lorrie! As you know, when winter arrives on the east coast, we get snow and lots of it. Over the weekend we got lots of ice with it and it was treacherous for drivers, people walking, and anyone who has to work out of doors, like my son. Our Vancouver family was so excited to be able to build a snowman on Sunday, they sent us a picture. It is comical how excited our grandchildren in BC get over snow. I get excited when it disappears and the green buds begin to appear in the trees! If we were winter folks, which we're not, we would enjoy it more. Although I do recall a time when I too enjoyed going out and building a snowman, skating on a pond, and building snow forts. Those were the days!

  6. That picture of moss is beautiful! Is it in your own yard? And the dear little bird and the ducks in water, how cold they look. I can always tell that you have a heart for them. I am so afraid we might not get any snow to speak of this winter, we didn't have much last year. Where are the deep snows of my childhood here in this same city? And even while our youngest kids were teenagers there were wonderful snow days and sledding on our hill and the surprise swoosh sound as deep snow fell off our metal roof. I miss all that! Enjoy it for me, please!

  7. You live in a wonderful corner for your particular environment needs. ❄️ Yes, smart teachers to allow the children extra time to enjoy rare events.

    Your home is lovely and it must be wonderful to have everything in order. I can dream...

  8. Lorrie - I have never heard of a school extending recess so the students could enjoy the snow, but perhaps more of them should do it. Kids are young for such a short period of time - we should encourage outdoor play. Today the hubby and I enjoyed a "date" - watching "Just Mercy" at the cinema, and a late lunch at Casa Mexico, all while the snow continued to fall. A glorious day. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. I enjoy snow as long as I can stay cozy indoors!

    Annnnd of course, 10-15 cm of the white stuff is expected (80%) on Saturday when I have company coming over. I'm hoping the snowfall will hold off until the evening...

  10. Enjoy your snow. I’m glad the teachers allowed the kids to have extra play time in the snow.

  11. How nice that the teachers adjusted things for fun in the snow! Lovely photos. We had 2 more inches on top of our 14 so the snow will be around for a while. We've had lows in the single digits and highs in the teens so it's not tempting to go outside to build a snowman. Maybe later in the week.

  12. When snow comes infrequently it gains magical qualities I feel. I’m in the love camp too. Hopefully we will have a few flakes before winters end although it is unlikely. Wind, rain and more rain here. Hey ho...have a good week. B x

  13. The snow pictures are so peaceful. We have less snow than we did when I was growing up in the south. Seems like we have more early spring weather with rain in January. I miss the excitement and adventure of waking up to a big snow!

  14. Beautiful photos and post. Extending recess is great to read.

  15. Well It is 3 pm and dark outside. Rather gloomy. This is how it has been for DAYS. For DAYS!
    My agenda was/is:
    posting the finished Magic Cake Cowl

    talking to my pal who really needed a listener today. Gosh these phone calls are coming more and more often. I think everyone's in a funk.

    FINDING my next pattern!!! Just not sure what I want to knit!

    Reading blogs
    nap next just for 45 mins!

  16. I am a love snow kind of person. We had a snowy day yesterday and today cold and clear. So blue and pretty. Kit

  17. Lovely winter pic's. It sounds like the students and the teachers are enjoying the snow over there! We are on the fourth day of snow and in the midst of a blizzard over here, so are staying cocooned at home today.

  18. So neatly said that the scenery is in depression. We have got strong winds too and no trace of snow. There is no forecast of it either. I grew up in Karelia, where it reigned continental climate from Siberia. It seems that snow is nowadays an event in Helsinki region, too. Your living room looks so cosy with mantelpiece <3 All the best, it is early morning & pitch dark here :))

  19. How interesting about the facts on moss, Lorrie, that it can lie dormant for 40 years, and then reappear. Your birdie on the fence picture is so charming! Yes, don't we love the calm and tidiness after the Christmas season...ahhhhhh! Happy weekend!

  20. Lorrie, your living room looks so warm and welcoming! And I think I quite agree with your definition of the right amount of winter, though it does sound like it's been a bit on the wild side lately.

  21. It is proper winter weather around here as well, must be so nice to come in from the cold into your lovely living room. I light a lot of candles as well during the winter, they add something special to to the room. Beautiful photos!


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