Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Five: Between the Storms

Yesterday, Thursday, dawned clear and cold, cold being a relative term. There was a little frost. However, the sky was clear and blue, a sight not seen in awhile here. I ventured out to my garden to see what might be happening. 

1. In the midst of repetitive wind and rain cycles, under the dark soil, life is stirring. The first snowdrops are beginning to unfurl their creamy bells. Bluebells and chives poke green shoots upwards. It's all very heartening.

2. Moss thrives. I like moss and don't mind it on rocks, paving stones, and in shady places. My husband dislikes it on the lawn. He applies lime to combat the moss. I transplant bits of it to where I think it would look pretty. Not on the grass, though. Marital harmony is important. 

3. While I love moss, I have a love/hate relationship with succulents. Perhaps I just don't know enough about growing them. Hens and chicks just appeared in my garden and I do like them, but tend to leave them to do their own thing. If I fuss with them, they sulk and look poorly. In the winter, with all the rain, they turn red. I thought they looked very pretty tinged with frost yesterday morning, nestled among the moss. Do you have succulents in your garden? 

4. Oh, little rosebud, I fear for your safety. You looked so lovely in the sunshine, but today wind and rain is lashing furiously. Be brave. There's a change coming from the north. Several days of below freezing temperatures. In typical fashion, newscasters are saying we will experience the coldest weather of the century. That's really not saying much as the century is only 20 years old. Perhaps we will have snow. That I won't mind, but the rosebud might.

5. Storm chips. Have you heard of them? A couple of years ago when we had a snow day off of school, I craved potato chips and took a walk through the snow to get some. Apparently I am not alone. There is a #stormchips hashtag, started in 2014 in eastern Canada. Something about snowstorms causes potato chip yearnings. Who knew? 

This weekend will be fairly slow. I have cupboards I'd like to reorganize and some housework to do. I'll likely bake cookies. There's a stack of books to read. I'll putter. And I'll make sure to stock up for next week's predicted storm - milk, eggs, and storm chips. 


  1. Ahhhh! That’s where this urge is coming from. A storm is in the offing and I feel like having potato chips! I like moss and don’t care if it is in the lawn. I’m not fussy. I especially like the moss that fills cracks and is a deep, velvety green. Enjoy the putting things back to rights...there’s something so satisfying in that.

  2. Snowdrops, how perfect. I cant find mine yet but hope they are there keeing warm under the soil.
    Succulents, no, I can never see why people get excitted about them, so none in my garden.
    But I too have a few last rosebuds, not standing up too well to the weather.
    I hope your storm passes you by.

  3. No actual snowdrops as yet but the shoots are there. We do have daffodils in bloom and primroses though. Must admit crisps are not the first thing I think of if the weather is to be stormy I like mine after a summer walk alongside a nice sandwich!

  4. I love the way the moss on our cliff looks this time of year. There is beautiful green moss at the base with while raindeer moss flowing over the top in places. - Margy

  5. Well today is the perfect day for storm chips. Too funny. Never heard that.
    Beautiful photos from between the storms.

  6. The good news is that moss is a sign your air quality is good. It is also much more environmentally beneficial than grass. I have elephant bush on my balcony which is a succulent. It manages to survive our scorching hot summers. But I tried to have an indoor succulent and that didn't work out so well. That little rose seems to be blooming a bit late. I have my craft meeting tomorrow and we planned to sit outside but forecast is for windy conditions starting late morning so we will see how it goes. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I've just had to look up storm chips as I hadn't heard of them and I wasn't sure whether they were what I call crisps or what I call chips; it seems they are the former and I'm afraid I don't get it, although I do understand why you'd want bread, milk and eggs. We'd like some frosty weather here (although not a storm) but at least we had a blue sky today. I like moss too, which is just as well because my lawn is full of it and I can't persuade it to go. Stay safe. x

  8. Hi Lorrie,

    I just adore snowdrops; they're such sweet and fresh-looking flowers. I like moss, too; it tends to grow on our roof in shady spots. I know it's not good for the roof, but I think it has a certain charm to it -- it gives things a cottagey look. I don't have succulents in my garden, but I've considered getting some for inside. They're quite popular at the moment.

    Stormchips, huh? :D Unfortunately, I don't need any excuses to crave potato chips. I have some everyday with my lunch, but I have to be careful to weigh my portion and go by the serving size stated on the bag. I like the sound of your weekend plans, perfect for this time of the year.

    I hope you stay warm and dry, Lorrie!



  9. I've never heard of stormchips. I do like succulents , but do not have luck growing them. Guess the conditions are not right.

  10. You're ahead of us there, in your special oceanic climate. I love moss and tried to have a moss garden at our old house under three giant sugar maples. But moss thrives where it chooses, that is unless one's husband appears with lime in his hands. It is beautiful with your succulents! Previous owners here planted lots of it in the front border and I'm thankful for it.

    Will you pick the rose? Storm chips? Had not heard of that. Maybe that's why RH bought two bags of Lay's Classic yesterday, with wind storms predicted for tomorrow. And oh, isn't the scent of a just opened bag of Lay's Classic one of the best culinary scents ever?

    Be safe in the storm, Lorrie!

  11. I have not heard the term storm chips, but it makes sense to me. Any excuse to eat potato chips :). Your succulents look very pretty. There are none in my yard. I used to think I didn't care for them. With their recent popularity they are beginning to grow on me. I did, however, plant snowdrops in my garden last fall for the first time ever. After seeing them on various blogs I felt I had to have them. It is exciting for me to see yours in bloom. Can't wait to see mine start popping out of the ground.

  12. I’d clip the rose and bring it in to enjoy! We don’t get snow drops until February so you’re way ahead of us. We’re having a very mild weekend with spring like temps. Enjoy a cozy weekend!

  13. It takes a while until I can see snowdrops & new sprouts, even if the winter has been very mild so far. I like moss too but am not so great with succulents! The weeds suffocate them and they disappear!

  14. I have way more admiration for a single bloom and comes out in frosty weather and the flowers that come out in number when the sun is out. Such lovely photos, Lorrie, I enjoyed them, it is a day of housework and cookies for me as well.

  15. Wonderful green photos!
    Are the snowdrops blooming early this year?
    I love moss too and don't mind if it grows on the lawn. It's evergreen and doesn't need to be cut. :)
    About succulents, we have only a Rhodiola rosea. Ours is male and may be 50 or 60 years old. :)
    Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

  16. Dear Lorrie,
    How can that be? You live north of us yet your garden is ahead of ours. I looked for Snowdrops yesterday...not a sign of them. I didn't used to like succulents but have changed my mind. Mine have to be moved into the greenhouse during winter months. Why not cut that pretty rose and enjoy it inside before the coming cold ruins it.

  17. I am so much like you with the succulents. We do have some contained in an old birdbath and a few pots. Love moss, but again not in the lawn where there is already plenty to combat. That first picture with snowdrops - oh my! Though I haven't seen snowdrops yet I have seen crocus and daffodils starting to come up. And now as you know the weather should be getting colder. Hold on little snowdrops.

  18. Well thank you for voicing what I am afraid to say out loud. lol I do not care for I LOVE moss and encourage its growth but succulents don't do a thing for me. lol Great pictures. Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  19. Oh your snow drops! We have none here but we had many that got more and more numerous over the years near Chicago. Keep in mind, they came up in March and we were thrilled. Nothing comes up now. In Wisconsin.
    I think Fireman and I are going stir crazy after two days mostly in the house. The barn classes got cancelled due to ice yesterday. feels indulgent to knit, but I wIll!!


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