Thursday, October 15, 2020

Friday: Celebrating October


Here we are in the middle of this month that bridges summer and winter - weather-wise, if not on the calendar.
After our heavy rain last Sunday, Monday was gloriously sunny and just right for a hike. We drove a short ways and parked at the base of Horth Hill for a hike that took us through the woods and along a ridge with beautiful views.

Looking up all was blue sky and trees reaching upwards. Our forests are mostly coniferous and predominantly green year round. 

Looking down bright moss mingles with the leaves of maple and other trees. Soon those brown leaves will rot and crumble into soil, enriching the forest floor. 

Light filters through the foliage, sometimes barely reaching through. The undergrowth is often sparse due to the lack of light, and tree trunks bare until quite high up as they reach towards the sun. 

After climbing a little, we walk along the ridge and catch glimpses of the island-dotted Salish Sea. I really can think of no better way to spend an autumn afternoon in October. 

"Listen, the wind is rising and the air is
wild with leaves.
We have had our summer evenings, 
now for October eves."
Humbert Wolf

Darkness comes much earlier now. This week, we are losing just over 4 minutes of daylight each day. I placed a string of lights on the mantel that add a cozy glow to our evenings. 

Today after school I did a wee bit of garden cleanup as our green bin was empty and tomorrow is the pickup day. I tore up the last of the zucchini plants, and the green bean vines. The zinnias and a few dahlias are still going strong, so I clipped a bouquet for the kitchen table. 

How are you enjoying these fleeting October days?


  1. What a lovely place to take a hike! I am spending my time house whispering to my new home in Florida.

  2. Your forest must be such a lovely place. I do feel that October is a bridge month although most often our November can be too. Such a wonderful time of year to enjoy being outside but wanting the coziness of home in the evenings and your mantel portrays that so nicely. Oh those dahlias! I do love the Listen, the wind quote and wonder if that was the quote that Anne Morrow Lindbergh used for her book titled Listen! The Wind? I passed along to a friend all my Lindbergh books when we downsized so don't have a copy anymore to check that. But what a perfect quote for October!

  3. I'm enjoying the last of my roses, and limelight hydrangea and I still have morning glories going strong, as we haven't had a frost yet!

    I love the softer golden glow this time of year, our leaves are really starting to change here. Its going to be a beautiful few weeks!

  4. That is a lovely place to walk. We enjoy walking in the woods behind our house, especially at this time of year. Our color change has just barely started. Hoping for a nice show in the coming weeks. Your bouquet is so pretty. After seeing it I have made a note in my garden journal to plant zinnias next year. I didn't this year and have regretted that decision.

  5. Beautiful that Salish Sea... It is good to have dahlias and zinnias. I had to buy mine. Happy Weekend!

  6. What a lovely walkabout area. Love it. Our colors are in full glory here but with the heavy winds they won't be on the trees for long. We had a spit of snow here this morning---I am NOT ready for that!
    Happy Garden Cleanup- xo Diana

  7. October is one of my favourite months, the colours are just so wonderful and walks seem to be extra enjoyable.

    A lovely post and photographs Lorrie.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  8. Walking in the woods is a wonderful way to make the most of the last fine days.

  9. I enjoy looking up through the trees at the sky,so that is one of my favourite pictures in this post.Have a wonderful weekend .

  10. Beautiful view! Salish Sea is a beautiful name as well.

  11. Not a lot of trees here due to the winds we get so it was a joy to see the sky through the tress, a stunning view. You picked a beautiful bouquet.

  12. Good morning, Lorrie. October is a favorite month for me and is also my birth month. Here in our WV hills, we are enjoying an especially beautiful autumn. We had plenty of rain this summer which kept the leaves from just turning brown and falling. Lorrie, your area of this world must be spectacular. Of all your photos you have shown, my favorite is the one in this post of the Salish Sea. I could look at that all day. Just gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend and know I always look forward to your posts.

  13. Dear Lorrie,
    You have everything, Forest and Sea. Beautiful photos, as always.

  14. October is such a beautiful month. I am soaking in the beauty and the cooler temperatures . . . and our leaves have not peeked yet so there is more to come!

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your corner of the world. It never disappoints!

  15. My husband and I walked on a trail showing the autumn colours today. So many people are out doing the same. Looking up, like in the first photo is wonderful!

  16. It is beautiful here right now so we are going on more hikes. I love seeing the woods with the sun streaming...or filtering in! And I am going to pick up a few woodsy things when we hike tomorrow. I love placing them in my decor like you've done. Hugs!

  17. Zucchini plants will be in the green waste here too this week. Your scenery is looking stunning. Enjoy your Sunday. B x

  18. I love your fall images Lorrie. We are just beginning to see autumnal touches here.

  19. I am actually enjoying October, so pretty!
    I love your pictures of your fall. I go out as much as possible for walks.
    Lovely, lovely images.

  20. You and Brenda inspired me to get some twinkle lights last year!

    Today, I wore my comfy new "Monarch Tea Co" sweatshirt--it was perfect for the cold, rainy weather!

  21. I had to catch up on your latest posts, Lorrie. Happy belated Thanksgiving. It sounds like you had a lovely and different one this year. Little Iris is growing so! I like the idea of opening up the windows to air out your home and classroom. You’ve also been busy with make ahead meal prep, stitching and reading. Lucky for you and Tim to be so close to Butchart Gardens to visit throughout the seasons. Happy Fall!


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