Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Between the Years


Outside my window all is grey and dull. A few chickadees flit about. Inside, I have a cup of tea (English Breakfast) to hand, and the tree lights twinkle. It's very quiet. 

I took few photos this Christmas, but wanted to document a few aspects of the quieter, different celebration. Our dessert on Christmas Eve is often a Buche de Noel - a chocolate version. This year I tried a white one, with vanilla cake, a thin layer of lemon curd and then tart raspberry filling all rolled up and covered with a white chocolate mousse. Candied orange slices and pomegranate arils added a festive touch. It was delicious, not-too-sweet, and refreshing.  

I confess that my bravery and determination to celebrate well with just the two of us failed me on Christmas morning after we had opened our lovely gifts. The hours ahead seemed dreadfully empty. So we went on a long walk - several hours in the fresh air, including a stop by our son's house for a short sidewalk visit. That cheered me up and by the time we returned home we were very hungry! The table for two is a good sum up of this Christmas. 

On Boxing Day we had a number of video calls with family and friends. Here is our family photo for the year. Such dearly loved faces. 

We're all agreed that we can meet for walks outside one family at a time. On Sunday I walked alongside Witty's Lagoon with our eldest daughter and her family. It was another grey day, with a teensy bit of drizzle. 

Tim was planning to join us, however, work interfered. I wish these Covid naysayers and rule-breakers knew of the efforts health care workers (including administrators and managers) put in to ensure the system works well under the weight of this virus. Of his 10 days of scheduled vacation, only two were free of conference calls, emails, and texts. 

On a dull day the forest is somber and dark, but everywhere is the sound of water. Sometimes it trickles in hidden rivulets, then it rushes over rocks and along the shore it laps quietly against the sand. 

Here we are on the cusp of another year. 

cusp: the dividing line between two very different things

During these in between days life is slow. We ate Christmas Day leftovers for a few meals and yesterday I made lasagna for the two of us with a shredded cabbage, carrot, and beet slaw, and some pan-roasted broccoli. Hearty and simple and very satisfying. 

Today I'm tidying a little, and I've sorted some fabrics for a red and white Christmas quilt. Every year, round about December, I wish I had a Christmas quilt, but it's too late by then. So I've decided that will be a project for now. 

Wishing you all quiet days of joy and love. How do you spend these days between the years?


  1. I usually spend time looking for ways to improve my life. Recipes for eating healthier, exercise idea, relaxation techniques. Sending you wishes for a Happy New Year.

  2. What a good idea to plan a quilt, even if it takes you another year! There will be such satisfaction in the creation of pattern and colour to make up a beautiful whole.
    It has indeed been a very odd Christmas and one could easily have fallen into despair. We had a 'lunch for two'but tried to make it a little special with a fillet of beef (something I haven't cooked for years). It was perfect.
    Now we go on with hope into a new year, praying that our Government will clamp down on rash behaviours, and hoping that the cases will gradually decrease.
    My best wishes for a Happy and peaceful New Year.

  3. A Christmas quilt sounds like a very worthwhile project and hopefully by the time it is ready for next Christmas the world will be a healthier place. Glad you can at least meet up with your families outside. We were lucky to have an allowed two days over Christmas to spend with ours. We can now only meet outside like you. Wishing you a very happy new year. B x

  4. I'm shoveling snow and more snow. Happy to do so because we need the moisture.

  5. The cake looks as lovely as your Christmas. It is funny how the holidays raise ideas on our minds right in the middle of the celebrations. Planning for next year is a great idea.

  6. I call this time... "Time, out of time..." and did a post, describing it.

    Your Christmas looks lovely, although different.

    I had that 'sinking feeling' too, but popped up out of it. -smile- Does no good, to stay stuck in it.


  7. This time in between is always interesting. Your meal for two looked nice. A Christmas quilt sounds lovely, too. Walks with the family sound like an excellent plan.

  8. I totally understand the feeling of loss/sadness and aloneness this year at christmas. As the days wear on with the restrictions , I am feeling the effects and I don’t like it. Your table still looks festive and the dessert delicious .

  9. We , husband and I , both felt sad in the afternoon of 12/24. Once we zoomed and played games w with the kids, we felt more connected.
    Christmas day was better. It was pleasant and we opened gifts over the internet. it was a gift. All of us healthy. Laughing. Hoping for 2021 to bring us together face to face and heart to heart.

  10. I had a Christmas quilt many years ago. It was so soft and we used it so much to cuddle up in with the children that we wore it out. I don't even have a picture of it.

    Your cake looks wonderful.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  11. Covid naysayers and rule breakers...don't get me started! I sure appreciate your husband and the work he does. I've been very disappointed to see so many people go about the holiday as if nothing has changed. Oh yes...I said, don't get me started. But I am very thankful for all of those that have worked to develop the vaccine and for all the front line workers. I'm spending the week cleaning and hiking. I need to get a project started too. The Christmas quilt is a wonderful idea! Happy new year! Give your hubby a hug for me!

  12. It has been brought out in the news that covid naysayers and rule breakers are in the Ontario provincial elected MPP's. I guess it is a rule of do as I say and not as I do, as they chose to break the lockdown rules for their own self indulgence and have big gatherings, visit another province, and leave the country for a vacation. Sorry for that little rant.

    Even though Tim's holidays were interrupted, I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing time, even though it was a different one of all of us everyday people.

  13. Christmas has been very different this year, a long walk was a great idea to break up the day and it's good you can meet family members on walks. Your Christmas Eve pudding looks delicious:)

  14. It's been quite a time, hasn't it? 2021!!!!

  15. Lorrie - that Buche de Noel looks terrific, and I am sure the taste was outstanding, too! We were blessed to have our family with us; I can only imagine how hard it was to be apart from yours, especially your grandchildren. Children make Christmas truly magical.

    Since our daughter and her boyfriend left, it has been catch-up mode - cleaning, laundry - all that stuff that was put to the side during their visit. It has caught me a bit off-guard that tomorrow is New Year's Eve! We won't do anything special since we are working at the ski resort on New Year's Day and have to be up early! Happy New Year to you, my friend!

  16. Sounds like seeing family lifted your spirits. I am glad for that. I took down our indoor Christmas decor in time for New Year's Eve. And looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020. We will not be doing anything special, but we will be together and that is what matters. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

  17. Hi Lorrie, sounds like you had a peaceful Christmas. Things will get better, I do know that, but it will be a while longer. We need to muster our patience and count our blessings. That is all I know to do.

    It has been quiet here, I have read and read and read! I do enjoy it though, and at this time of year, I never feel guilty about it. Like I should be doing something else.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year! Enjoy your walks with your family.

  18. What a strange Christmas this was, too quiet, too tidy, but safe. Our table, like yours was festive looking but very small! No problem trying to cram food in the cooker/ fridge/ freezer. Everything was easy to plan and to do. But next year, bring on the chaos, I missed it!
    We have felt very much in reflective mood this season but all my family are well so I've much to be thankful for. Sending you my best wishes for a healthy and happy 2021.

  19. Both Christmas and New Year was rather different this year wasn't it.

    Eddie and I made the most of dry, cold weather and enjoyed some local walks.

    Here's to a better 2021.

    All the best Jan


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