Thursday, December 17, 2020

December Days


The days slip by one by one. Now, just eight days before Christmas, they slip faster and faster. Are you looking forward to celebrating this year? Will you be celebrating differently? 

This past weekend we went for a walk to Tod Inlet where steep forests line the shore. Each year someone hangs a few baubles on a tree - this year shiny red balls catch the rain and sparkle in the sun. I wonder who does this, and why? Does this place have a special meaning?

How green it is. When the water is still I admire the reflection of old concrete pilings covered with moss and now purposed as perches for birdhouses. It's a peaceful place.

Most Christmas activities are cancelled, but we discovered that downtown carriage rides are still going on. On Sunday evening we bundled up and rolled through the James Bay area behind Tucker, our horse. Our guide, Brianna, gave us tidbits of information about some of the heritage houses and buildings we passed. 

The Legislature building is beautifully lighted year-round, and more-so at Christmas. On top of the dome is a two-metre, gold-plated statue of Captain Vancouver, one of the earliest European explorers of this area, for whom the Island is named. 

Our ride left us a bit chilled and we were glad to come home, make hot chocolate and warm up by the fire. 

This is one of my favourite Christmas books - a tale of a small mouse who becomes (against the advice of his family), a church mouse, because he loved the music of the organ. When famine strikes the little mouse nibbles away on the leather bellows of the organ, with disastrous effect. No organ music for Christmas; instead, two men compose a song accompanied by guitar and Silent Night is the result. 

Miss A celebrated her 10th birthday this week. No parties, but her parents made it special. I dropped off an afternoon tea basket on Sunday and heard that it was most enjoyable. 

Rainy dark days are interspersed with some sunny moments and I captured the bright rays in the entrance hallway one day. The paperwhites are just beginning to bloom with a sweet fragrance. As the spaces on the Advent calendar fill, there is much baking, stitching, and preparation going on. 

We will be celebrating Christmas with just the two of us, but we're arranging present drop-offs, food exchanges, and video calls. How are you celebrating this special season? 


  1. Just the two of us also. there will be brief doorstep visits from various members of the family in the preceding week. All very odd, but staying safe is the priority.
    How lovely to find the baubles on the tree, it must be meaningful to the person who does this.

  2. Our Christmas will be much different this year-along with everyone else's day. For the first tie ever our family will not be together at all.
    I love the picture of the old pilings in the water and the tea setup you delivered for the birthday looks wonderful.
    Have a great day- xo Diana

  3. There's something magical about your first picture. I really like that! I just have to find Johann's Gift! If it doesn't cost a small fortune. I'm finding that if I were buying my favorite old Christmas books now, I wouldn't be able to afford them! Your birthday tea basket is so sweet, I love the way you arrange things you've cooked. Your carriage ride sounds dreamy, a perfect Christmas treat for the two of you. There are still things we can safely do. I'm thinking that maybe a Christmas in July might be called for this year when we can safely all gather together. Meanwhile, it is still Christmas and there is much to celebrate. Best to you, Lorrie!

  4. Love that tea basket you dropped off. What a sweet gift. The reflection shot is very cool. Yippee for a ride in the carriage albeit cold. Sounds like a book I'd enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I like the photo of the pilings reflected in the water.
    And the tea basket with those lovely tea cups!!

  6. What a lovely thought to have a carriage ride at this time of year. Your tea basket looks delicious and I love the way you have arranged the paperwhite daffodils. B x

  7. Hi Lorrie,

    How neat that someone decorates that tree out of doors! The white carriage is beautiful and elegant, and your Legislature Building looks quite stately. That tea basket is SOOOO pretty; it looks just like something one would see in a tea room or tea shop.

    We will celebrate Christmas Day at my sister's house -- there will be eight of us there. On Christmas Eve, we plan to have my husband's parents here at our house, along with our son. Hal and I have been listening to a lot of Christmas music and riding around our area to look at Christmas lights in the evening. We're having a (mostly) quiet holiday, and that's fine with us.

    I hope you have a Blessed Advent season, Lorrie, and a Very Happy Christmas.

    Love and Hugs,


  8. I love the variety in this post. The reflection is spectacular in the second photo.

    We are celebrating with our daughter and family. Covid restrictions are being eased here starting tomorrow.

  9. This is a lovely post. I like to see other parts of the world and blogging is a good way to do that. CHristmas will be very quiet here, but that's ok.

  10. The ornament on the tree is a beautiful way to share the holidays with Nature.
    Happy Holidays!

  11. That color in the Inlet is really striking! Just this afternoon I noticed that the color of the lagoon by the beach was also deep and so blue, seemingly polished by the wind in that case.

  12. Just the two of us and the 4cats. I intend to over feed the wild birds outside. We are keeping our traditions of gift opening, but Santa ZOOM is being a big help. We have our dinner planned. We scaled down the decorations, but it is still cheerful. I can't remind myself that the Kids are not going to be here. NO matter how grateful we are, and we are, We both will miss them dearly.

    We hope to be together by Spring.....

    Fireman and I may have a campfire this Christmas Eve. . Never have done that before .

    Packages are mailed. and I've lost two gifts for fireman...that i need to find!

  13. Lorrie - we are looking forward to Christmas. Our son was already here, and our daughter and her boyfriend arrived last Saturday. We are having a wonderful time and Christmas morning promises to be as special as always. In that respect, this holiday season is not much different than years past! I have purchased a two-person sleigh ride and dinner for February 14 as a gift to my husband - can't wait! I think I have admired your Advent calendar in the past - maybe a future project for me!

  14. Asd always a beautifully illustrated and written post. What a lovely idea to decorate a tree in the wood with baubles - reminded me of Little Grey Rabbit' Christmas and the tree in the wood towards the end of that lovely story! Have a peaceful and happy day on 25th and wishing you all the best for 2021.

  15. Having visited King's Lynn last Autumn, where Captain Vancouver was born, it was interesting for me to see his statue standing atop your grand, and also beautifully decorated Legislature building.
    There is something poignant about that isolated little red Christmas bauble hanging on the forest fir tree, and especially so this year.

  16. Just the two of us with video calls throughout the day to connect with family, certainly different but we will make the best of it. Loved seeing the lights on that amazing building and it was a joy to see the carriage.

  17. Sally5:39 AM

    Last year, we celebrated with 28+ including my children, grandchildren and a few guests that are alone for Christmas. This year due to Covid, I will be on my own and each family celebrating in their homes. I am immune comprised, as is one of my daughters. The Covid numbers have increased to over 2400 yesterday
    The best Christmas gift, we could give each other is to isolate and stay well. Thankfully, we will be doing a Zoom call with everyone in the evening.
    Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas

  18. Our newlywed daughter and her husband will come for brunch and gift opening. My parents, and my son and his family will come later in the day. They've all been part of our 'covid' bubble this whole time.

  19. We are celebrating outside here in Florida, a Christmas brunch at my sisters house. There will be 5 of us - social distancing, masks on when not eating. Have a lovely Christmas.

  20. Your scones look amazing! Would you share your recipe?

  21. I love hearing how you are doing. What a nice idea of a tea basket. It will be the 4 of us. We have been quarantined for 8 days so far. Been a lovely season so far. Merry Christmas. Kit

  22. Happy holidays Lorrie, we will be celebrating the same way, quite and different. I loved seeing the lights on your Parliament buildings when we were there 3 years ago for Christmas. I'm sure your granddaughter loved the tea basket.

  23. The carriage ride sounds so special.
    The afternoon tea looks like a wonderful way to celebrate a special day.
    I have a friend that lost her son a few years ago and she hikes to help with her grieving. She said there is a place in the forest where she hikes that ornaments are hung in memory of those that have died. Her sons name was Griffin and she hangs a griffin ornament there each year. She also leaves one at the Christmas tree farm on the stump of the tree she cuts down for her tree.

  24. LOVE the afternoon tea basket that you put together for your granddaughter's birthday.

    My area went into lockdown ("gray zone") today. According to the media reports, the Premier will announce this afternoon that the rest of Ontario will go into lockdown starting on Christmas Eve.

  25. I would so love to be back in Victoria - even at this chilly time of year it looks just perfect for Christmas.

    Lovely you took a carriage ride at night. Today after delivering some gifts late afternoon, we plan a dusk drive around downtown and our own small Historic area named Oakwood, with many beautiful Victorian homes. Usually there's a walking Candlelight Tour and you can visit inside several - not this year though! All so different.

    Hmm! Hanging holiday balls intrigue - someone needs to hide out and watch, lol!
    Happy thoughts to you all.

  26. Somehow it's comforting to read that you are going through the same things I am. Sometimes,
    it just all seems so unbelievable. I love the tea basket for your granddaughter's birthday!
    Today, my granddaughter who is staying with us commented how calming it was to have tea.

  27. Anonymous12:54 PM

    When I viewed your post December 2020,I was struck by the photo showing the Advent Calendar and determined to try my hand at it for 2021. As a pre-holiday post this year, would you consider explaining how you came to this representation as I am only familiar with the commercial style that hides a 'gift, chocolate, etc' hidden in a pocket for each day. I have not found a way to communicate directly with you and I have been unable to comment except as 'Anonymous'. The DIY frame board will be easy enough to replicate and I will be able to assemble enough small decor/'ephemera' etc., but I am curious how the tradition developed for you. I think it is so creative!!
    Thanks, Betsy J. in PA


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