Thursday, July 22, 2021

Friday Five: Memories New and Old


While her mother looked at the cookbooks on the library shelves recently, Iris pulled out a little book with a pink cover. "We Love Madeleines" was the title and she insisted it go home with them. 

Several recent birthdays introduced her to CAKE (always said in full capitals). She loves looking at the little cakes in the library book. So today, Iris and Nana baked madeleines. We didn't use a recipe from the library book, but one from my French Patisserie book by Will Torrent. 

Oh how well they turned out! It was hard to finish lunch knowing that the CAKE was waiting. We each ate one and shared one, then sent some home for after dinner, and saved a couple for Grandpa. 

This week marks our 44th wedding anniversary. We met in junior high school and were friends long before we courted. Back in those days, we had professional studio photos taken. They were expensive, but worth it. 

I loved my bouquet, and the long veil I wore. When our youngest daughter married, I removed the daisy trim from the veil and hand-beaded the edge with little gold and silver beads. I'm glad it was used again. 

Here we are with our best man and matron of honour. It was the era of brown tuxedos and huge bowties, and floppy hats. It reflects the fashion of the time and I'm quite happy that it does. 

Marriage is full of ups and downs, hard times and good times. I'm so glad that we are still best friends. When disagreements come, we can discuss and come to a compromise. There is no one I'd rather share my life with, and I thank God for my husband every day. 

In spite of the dry, dry weather, Queen Anne's Lace and wild Sweet Peas flourish. I picked this little bouquet for the boat last weekend and it lasted a long time. In my garden zinnias and dahlias are blooming. 

This weekend we are going camping with the family. There's been a fair bit of texting/calling/e-mailing back and forth as we arrange the next few days. I'm looking forward to it so much. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Lorrie - Iris has such special eyes with those lovely lashes, and the curls! Oh my! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. 44 years is quite an achievement these days. Enjoy your family camping trip!

  2. Have a wonderful break away with your family. Happy anniversary, wishing you many more happy years together.

  3. What a delightful post. And how pretty your Wedding dress and bouquet were. We have reached 43 years this year, and gone through many ups and downs mostly health related. But as you say, when a husband is a friend also that makes it perfect.

  4. Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on 44 years. It is lovely to see your wedding photos, and your dress is exquisite. We were married in the same era, and I relate to the fashions too. I have never made madeleines, and they look delicious. What a cute project with a cute little girl.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Those eyes on your little one! So pretty!

  6. Happy anniversary you two!

    Iris is a cutie. You are making wonderful memories with her,

    Enjoy the camping trip.

  7. Iris is a cutie with her CAKE. I am glad you made the madeleines together. What fun!
    Happy anniversary! Yes, wedding picture certainly illustrate the era. I had forgotten floppy hats and brown tuxedos for weddings. Hope you had a special camping trip.


  8. Sweet times with your darling granddaughter...those curls and blue eyes and sweet smile. One might think that it was on account of Madeleines, but I think it is on account of looking at her beloved grandmother.

    Congrats on 44 years! It is so enjoyable to see wedding pics from back in the day. You were a good-looking couple then and you are a good-looking couple today.

    (I was a bridesmaid a number of times and wore the floppy hat each and every time.)

    This is a copy and paste. Seems to be working...

  9. So much to enjoy in this post, Lorrie! First of all, those madeleines (and the plate too) are lovely. The French certainly know how to create beautiful food, don't they? Of course, you know I think Iris is adorable. :D I'm sure her personality is part of what makes her so. She will always remember these fun times spent with you; even decades later, I still miss my grandparents.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Tim!! I am so grateful for my husband, too; it's wonderful to be married to your best friend, isn't it? I hope your camping trip will be fun and relaxing. I'm glad you told us the trim on your veil was daisy trim, because I was going to ask what it was. It's sooo pretty -- your wedding dress and veil are beautiful. My mom also hired professional photographers for mine and my sister's weddings, and I'm so glad to have those pictures all these years later. The Queen Anne's Lace and Sweet Peas are lovely together -- truly two of my favorite flowers. Thanks for your visit, Lorrie, and have a terrific weekend!



  10. What an adorable Little One.

    So lovely wedding pictures...

    Happy Anniversary!

    Have a lovely family camping trip...

    🌺"Blogs are little First Amendment machines."🌺

  11. Iris is so pretty! I look at the wedding photos from the 1970's and we all looked so young. I had the daisy trim on my veil ('74). The look was very fresh . Happy Anniversary! Enjoy you camping trip!

  12. Many good wishes for your 44th wedding anniversary.
    Lovely to see the photographs you've shared.

    That's a sweet picture of Iris, I'm sure those madeleines were delicious.

    Happy Weekend Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  13. Blessings to you on 44 years of marriage and holding strong. Enjoy your time with the family this weekend.

  14. I just love the look in Iris' eyes. Her appreciation of the madeleine is obvious ( they look perfect).
    Happy anniversary! Enjoy the weekend.

  15. The way the madeleine project evolved from Iris's own choice at the library, all the way to eating cakes -- that seems like the ideal sort of formative experience for a child. What a blessing, the way it worked out.

    I love seeing your wedding photos! Happy Anniversary!

  16. Iris is just the cutest! What a fun baking day for you and her. I'll say Happy Anniversary again here. Fun photos!

  17. Iris looks so excited about CAKE -- I'm totally with her on that subject. Your madeleines look delicious. Happy, happy anniversary. Enjoyed seeing your weddings photos and certainly recognize the era they were taken in. Have fun on your camping trip!

  18. Happy anniversary, Lorrie. And I wonder if beautiful Iris would share her madeleines. The look marvelous.

  19. i wish you a Happy Anniversary !
    I love Madeleines and I love to bake them.
    Have a nice time with your family.

  20. Congrats to both of you. And I think CAKE should always be spelled out in capitols!

  21. Marrying our best friends is the best! Congrats! You looked so lovely. And Iris has the sweetest face. 😊 Kit

  22. 44 years that's quite some achievement. Congrats. It is our thirtieth this year , on the same day as a family wedding - how things come round full circle.

  23. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I enjoy seeing your photos from the big day. I'm not gonna lie--I would totally wear the bridesmaid dress in these current times. LOL.

  24. Iris is just darling clutching her madeleine! You are a good grandmother to "feed" (pun intended) her passion for cake.

    Anniversary blessings to you! I love seeing your wedding photos! As you said, "It was the era of brown tuxedos and huge bowties, and floppy hats," I had to laugh. Our wedding was the following year and we had all three! :)

  25. Such a BEAUTIFUL post! Love your wedding dress and bouquet.

    Happy Anniversary to you two!

  26. Such a sweet post. I 1ove that your 1i1 one is a11 about cookies. I am too. The wedding photography is a snapshot of time. Ours is simi1ar. Hats were in then. Happy Anniversary. We are beyond 1ucky to have our spouses as best and o1d friends. Cant wait for camping stories

  27. Sweet Iris!!!
    Congrats on 44 years! Love your wedding pics. Isn’t it good to still be best friends after all these years? I know the feeling. We are celebrating our 50th on July 31st. I can hardly believe it.

  28. Oh, that little grandaughter is just so cute with the cookie in hand!! I've never made madeleines! Your wedding photos look a lot like ours. I remember thinking, "how could these ever go out of style?" What did I know at 18? Happy Anniversary!! It's such a blessing to be able to be together after all the experiences of life!

  29. Belated happy anniversary - what a beautiful couple at your wedding - and you still are!
    Mary & Bob xx


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