Thursday, April 07, 2022

Friday Favourites


A bit of morning sunshine in the house brightens the entire day. April is capricious and as likely to storm as to shine, so I enjoy every minute of brightness. A friend recently gifted me with the beautiful prayer shawl in my favourite watery colours. "It's like a hug from God," she said as she wrapped it around my shoulders. I have it handy on my chair for coziness. 

We celebrated Tim's birthday on the weekend. What fun to have a house full of people. Here are the grandchildren (and one daughter) gathered round to sing Happy Birthday! Young Iris, who has her eyes closed in the photo, helped decorate the cake. The pink parasol is from another party she was at earlier in the day, and the almonds are sprinkled a bit unevenly. She loves to help. 

We feasted on fish tacos - so delicious, but unfortunately the smell of frying fish has lingered long past its welcome. Vinegar and some essential oils, and fresh air blowing through the house are making things better. Next time the frying will happen outdoors. 

For those who wonder how Ashley is doing after her back issues - she is improving bit by bit with specific exercises, physiotherapy, and being careful. Recovery is going to take a long time - up to a year, but she is functioning well. This week she dropped the girls off early one morning for her physio appointment, and I fed them breakfast. The Easter bunnies were a bit hit, and had to drink and eat along with the girls. 

When Cora saw the bunnies she waved her arms and spoke something unintelligible, but cute, with great excitement. Unfortunately, Cora's bunny had a little accident and has to go to the bunny hospital to have his ear glued back on. 

In quiet moments I've been enjoying this issue of My French Country Home. I've found it in only one bookstore here in town, and it's across town from home, but close to where Tim's office is. He was so sweet and stopped by to purchase it for me, so I didn't have to drive all the way just for the magazine. Aren't those pots of tulips gorgeous? 

A couple of evenings this week I've been working out in the garden after dinner until the light goes just before 8 pm. It's not terribly warm, but spring is calling! The weekend weather is not looking promising for being outdoors, so indoor pursuits appeal. Have a good weekend, dear readers.


  1. Lovely to have proper family celebrations once again. Isn’t it good to potter late in the garden with all the beauty growing. Love the bunnies and hopefully your daughter will make a speedy recovery. B x

  2. What a great family photo. That’s a keeper!

  3. The birthday gathering looks like fun. Glad to hear Ashely is doing better! That magazine looks great, I will have to look for it.

  4. Happy Birthday Tim!
    The cake is adorable.
    The afghan is beautiful, good colors.

  5. Happy Birthday Tim! Sure looks like fun with the family. And the little ones make is so happy! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Love the colors in the prayer shawl. That table full of food looks delicious! Great to get that photo. Oops, poor bunny. Iris will have fun memories of helping.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Tim who seems to be surrounded by a bevy of beauty apart from one young man. Cora and Iris are two sweet girls and I can see that they are really loving their Easter bunnies. Good news that Ashley is slowly making a good recovery. Back issues are so difficult to cope with.

  8. Happy Birthday to your husband. Nothing better than to have family to celebrate the occasion.
    That magazine looks interesting. It's not one I'm familiar with.
    I hope the weather improves for the weekend but somehow I don't think it will. We'll enjoy it anyway.

  9. Those cakes decorated by the little ones have a special beauty to them. They may even taste better.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Tim, lovely to see the family photographs.
    That is good news that Ashley is slowly making a good recovery ... healing wishes.

    All the best Jan

  11. The grandgirls are precious with their bunnies! I hope that Cora wasn't distressed about her bunny's accident. My mom used to have a couple of bunnies in her living room and my daughter Bekah and granddaughter Maddie loved playing with them. One of them was missing an eye, and Maddie loved him because of it. Mom eventually gave the bunnies to the girls to keep.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, inside or out!

  12. That is one of the prettiest prayer shawls I have seen anywhere. I love the colors. Your grands are all adorable and I love the decorated cake. I don't like to fry fish in the house either---ugh.... xo Diana

  13. A happy birthday to your husband! And what an appetizing table of golden puffy fish with all those special condiments. I think the fishy odor would have been worth it and I know the birthday cake was a masterpiece of both taste and appearance. I do hope that Ashley continues to feel better and is very careful. What a blessing when family helps each other!

  14. I love these kinds of happy posts. I planted tulips in pots this year. I hope they look as beautiful as these do!

  15. Happy Birthday to your husband! Glad to hear that your daughter's back is doing better. One of my co-workers hurt her back--a few weeks before retirement--and couldn't move for almost a week, but she's more mobile now and is going to physio.

    I can relate to lingering food odours being a challenge to dispel.

  16. I also have been enjoying that magazine. I told my "live-in gardener" that next year I want a tub of tulips like in the pictures.
    Your prayer shawl is so special. We have quilting ladies in my church that make prayer quilts and gift them to different members that are going through a difficult time. I do love Easter, as I see your little ones do too. And Happy Birthday to your Tim.

  17. Such a beautiful family photo, Lorrie.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Tim!

    Love the pretty prayer shawl.

  18. Your grandchildren look so cute! I bet you were happy to have them. That magazine is what I call a "drool magazine" - I love those! I don't think we have that one here in the States.


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