Friday, September 16, 2022

A Reflective Week


The days here have been comfortably full of the regular affairs of life, but threaded throughout I've been watching bits and pieces of the ceremonies in the UK. I wish I understand more of the meaning and symbolism behind some of the magnificent pageantry. I took myself down to Government House one day to sign the Book of Condolence for the Queen. There are several physical books in our province, as well as an online book. 

While at Government House I wandered through the gardens set on a hill high above the ocean. A sharp breeze had me wishing for a light jacket, and whispered of days to come. The fountain in the rose garden trickles a soft melody and flowers continue to bloom on the bushes.

Patches of autumn crocus (colchicum autumnale) dot the ground. They are also called "naked ladies" because their leaves emerge in spring, then die down, and in autumn, leafless flowers appear. 

I love a good-looking stack of wood. It speaks to me of cozy evenings spent reading by a fire. Our own wood burning fireplace has been converted to gas, and it's very convenient and clean, but lacks the atmosphere of a crackling wood fire.  

Autumn colours are beginning to show. In our area we don't get the vibrant glowing mass of colour that is more evident further inland. It's a gentler season of muted golds and orange, with a few flames thrown in here and there. 

I've been roasting and freezing tomatoes this week, and made a small batch of blackberry syrup for pancakes or ice cream. Our across-the-fence neighbour planted thornless blackberries several years ago, and encourages us to pick the ones that we can reach from our side. They are big berries, but sadly, they lack much taste, so boiling them down is a good way to concentrate the flavour. 

There will be a birthday party for 3 this weekend, and perhaps some garden clean up. So I'm off to fold laundry, bake a cake, and cut flowers for the house. 

What does your weekend hold?


  1. Enjoy your weekend and Birthday party.
    Tomorrow I must go and buy a new washing machine and then do some shopping with the help of my husband .
    On Sunday certainly take the dog for a walk and read. The temperature is going down 15 degress and I am glad! And we have rain.

  2. We miss the lovely woodburner we had in France (but it did take a lot of ckeaning....and wood also).
    How pretty the Autumn crocus are . I often wonder if they are wondering where their leaves are.

  3. The stack of wood is, indeed, good-looking!
    The jars of blackberry syrup look nice too!
    Happy Birthdays party!

  4. Have a great birthday celebration! The woodpile is a great autumn photo!

  5. It has been a reflective week, even for me in the U.S. Even my husband has become interested in the ceremonies in the UK and we both are so struck by the decorum of the people there as they wait in such long lines.

    This is our first house without a fireplace at all and so miss the wood fires. At least you have a mantel to decorate, or even two!

    Happy birthday to your three celebrating it this week! Lucky them to be getting one of your beautiful cakes!

  6. The Blackberry syrup looks dark and delicious. That's a pretty little water fall. I can imagine the lovely sound of it.
    Happy birthday to the three family members. Have a fun time.

  7. How lovely to be roasting tomatoes and making blackberry syrup, all form your garden. Your Government House looks like a fine building, and with pretty gardens too. I do hope we can visit Victoria one of these days, it looks like a very attractive city. Our weekend began with a visit from our son and grandchildren, who love playing our piano and with Grannie's toys. We have predicted high temperatures, the first touch of Summer, and plan a picnic in the country.

  8. Have a wonderful weekend and birthday party, LorrieπŸŽ‚

    The blackberry syrup looks delish!

    Hugs and blessings πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›

  9. Oh blackberry syrup and pancakes, yummy! I have a lazy weekend and just doing nothing (the best!)
    Love from Titti

  10. For me it's been a reflective week as well in the midst of everyday routines and activities. Have been keeping an eye on the proceedings and pageantry as Great Britain and the world mourns the Queen's death. I'll be up at 4:00 MDT to watch the funeral on Monday.

    Enjoying the slow transformation from summer to autumn around here. Watching fields being harvested and garden centres being readied for the dormant seasons. We've had no frost yet, but night temperatures are getting closer to freezing point so we're relishing the still warm days. Bees are buzzing around the Echinacea and autumn sedums - a joy to watch.

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend, Lorrie.

  11. There is something comforting about a good stack of firewood. I feel the same way when I see bales of hay dotting a field. A job well done and a crop laid in for winter feed.

    Hints of fall are in the air. Our town's fall festival was this morning and that always signals autumn for me.

  12. We burned wood for many years as our farmhouse had a woodstove. Wood heat is cozy and smells so good, but I do not miss the messiness one little bit.

    I love that you took the time to sign the remembrance book.

    Hope your triple birthday party is (was?) a lovely time of celebration!

  13. It's quite moving to see the Queen's family members standing vigil around her coffin. There is so much protocol. Lovely photos here that whisper fall. We are attending a church service here in Oxford today (It is Sunday already) This will be a walking to church experience that we've only had a few of in our lifetime.

  14. A lovely post!
    We've been watching the pageantry on TV. It seems so over-the-top. I heard someone say that in the 'Commonwealth wealth isn't all that common.'
    We're expecting a thunderstorm, so I'll have a quiet day.

  15. I always love seeing your lovely photos and read about your activities. I had a busy week of boot camp graduation, volleyball and soccer games. I am grateful that I can attend these things.

  16. I had a pretty low-key weekend. I stopped by a Free Public Pottery Day Open House and was hoping to purchase one of the cups/mugs on sale. But unfortunately, my wallet wouldn't allow it!

  17. How lovely to have blackberry syrup canned and roasted tomatoes.
    It just sounds like you are beginning to tuck in for autumn.
    I have been watching the screen today with the funeral and internment of the Queen. So very, very touching!!!

  18. Such lovely photographs.
    Enjoy your weekend and Birthday party x 3!

    All the best Jan

  19. One of Miriam's sisters lives in Victoria and this reminds me that we haven't visited for a while. I think we are overdue!

  20. Lorrie, I picked chokecherries for pancake syrup. I froze them and will dig them out in winter and make the syrup then. Life has been too full but I move forward. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  21. I like a crackling wood fire as well, it is very cozy. We don't have one either, we don't even use our fireplace except for burning candles in it. Whenever we went camping, we always had a campfire in the evening. We sat next to it with hot chocolate and were reading or just staring into the flames and often telling stories. Lovely memories.

  22. This is such a "cozy" fall post! I also love a nicely stacked wood pile or wall and hearing you say that you're off to cut flowers for the house. I cut a large bouquet of roses today, they are decorating my island. I also cut some lavender and globe thislte for another bouquet.

  23. thank you for good wishes...



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