Saturday, August 19, 2023



Hello from Twillingate, Newfoundland. So many interesting names dot the maps and signposts here. Twillingate, I learned, is an anglicized form of Toulinguet - so named by the French fishermen who travelled here centuries ago to fish for cod because the landscape reminded them of a similar shoreline in Their homeland. 

I confess that the less than summery weather is a bit of a trial and when the occasional warm sunny day appears, we take full advantage of it to hike a beautiful trail. 

The image above is the view from our campsite just now. Two humpback whales passed by yesterday, gulls soar with white wings flashing against the dark sea, and there is a delicious air of contentment. 

It’s been just over one month since left home and I will admit to homesickness. We speak with our children but it’s not the same as seeing them, and I think about my garden and miss my flowers. I am making an effort to fully enjoy all the moments of this trip for I know it’s a once in a lifetime experience. 

I also think about the terrible fires in our home province, not near to us, but dreadful nonetheless. Here we have too much rain, there not nearly enough. I pray for rain where it’s needed and for safety for all those in the face of the fires. 

We are perfectly comfortable in our little home on wheels. Today, after hiking, I indulged in a couple of hours of domesticity - making a pot of soup from vegetables bought at the local farmer’s market, baking date muffins, and concocting a pan of marshmallow squares for a special treat. 

Now as the sun sets and all the chores are finished, we will take a short walk and then settle in to read or perhaps watch a downloaded program on our computer.  

Thank you for reading  I look forward to catching up with all of your blogs when we get home - and there’s no definite date for that. Meanwhile, I wish you moments of loveliness to cherish. 


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    You have a lovely view from your campsite! I'm glad you're getting at least a few sunny days. Hopefully you'll get more. The fires are indeed awful and we feel for those who have to evacuate on short notice never knowing what they'll find when they return. We need rain so badly. Granny Marigold

  2. One side of my husband’s family is from Twillingate. Iceberg Alley.

    It’s been wet here too. I wish we could share it.

  3. I have enjoyed your updates about your trip on Facebook, Lorrie! Beautiful places and scenes. Continue to enjoy your time away and safe travels!

  4. The view from your campsite is spectacular! As a homebody I can understand feeling a bit torn in your longing for home and family. Enjoy the beautiful places you're seeing and safe travels!

  5. WOW! The view is breathtaking!
    Enjoy your vacation and stay safe, Lorrie.

    Hugs and blessings!

  6. What a beautiful blue! Your campsite is in a lovely position. I'm so enjoying following your adventures.

  7. At a certain age, we easily become homesick. The heat and fires, the rain and floodings,
    do not encourage us to leave home, yet we wish to experience 'once in a lifetime' adventure. And that's OK.

  8. What a wonderful view from your campsite!

  9. What a pretty and tranquil view of the bay. I am enjoying your travels very much, especially since you have arrived in Newfoundland. After a month away, I always get a bit homesick too, but I am sure you will enjoy the remainder of your amazing trip. The fires across Canada are very concerning; we have seen them on TV here in Australia.

  10. You have travelled far and seen a lot! I can only imagine feeling the need to do some domestic things and the call home to your kitchen and especially your family. Wishing you safe travels back.

  11. Good to hear from you way over on the other side of the country! I can imagine that after being on the road for this long there are some heart tugs. You are seeing some amazing places. Your menu sounded very satisfying. Blessings.

  12. I think I hit a key and sent my comment into blog land or beyond! But I sure enjoyed this post and I'm so glad you are having a good trip! Hugs!

  13. Lorrie, what a lovely adventure for those who enjoy such long trips. I do not. Never have. No matter how much I love the destination, I find myself longing for my own home and garden! That is a truly outstanding photo, even for someone with your advanced skills. Happy travels!

  14. Beautiful place. The air looks clear, clean and engergizing.


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