Saturday, November 18, 2023

Of Little Things that Make Me Happy


A medium-sized pumpkin decorated my porch in October. Now it's been turned into soup with the gentle taste of thyme, sage, and rosemary. Just a hint of each herb. A few toasted pumpkin seeds on the top and a slice of freshly baked bread add the final bits of delicious satisfaction. We eat a lot of soup. I love eating it and making it. 

I'm slowly pulling out my Christmas books. Some I dip in and out of, like the ones above, gleaning ideas or just enjoying the beautiful photographs and accompanying words. I've begun reading a few Christmas-themed books, as well, such as Christmas Crimes and A Christmas Legacy by Anne Perry. Stories that evoke the generosity and loving spirit of Christmas. Easy reading. 

Inspired by Brenda of It's A Beautiful Life, I pulled out Christmas cards from the past. A few I kept for display again this year or for sentiment's sake. Some I cut into bookmarks, and others into tags of various shapes and sizes. I didn't punch holes into the tags - that I'll do as I see how I use them. 

It was a lovely time spent reading each card and remembering the person who sent it. Sending Christmas cards is becoming rarer and rarer, and I do treasure each one I receive. I send cards, as well, not as many as in years past.

It's a tradition for me to order the Jacquie Lawson digital Advent calendar each year for myself and family members. I did that this week and am looking forward to opening each day's offering. My grandchildren love the little videos, the games, and the interactive games included in the calendar. I wonder what surprises await with this year's edition? 

On a recent hike I noticed all the mushrooms in the woods. Apparently it's been a great year for edible mushrooms, but I am not mushroom wise and wouldn't dream of eating any that I see. But I do admire their structure and colours. Doesn't that large one in the middle look like a skirt blown up by the wind, exposing ruffles and lace? So pretty. 

Little things that add a bit of loveliness to my days. What little (or big) things are you finding makes you happy these days?


  1. Oooh, your soup looks so delish for Fall! X Chy

  2. Your soup looks great. It has inspired me to make some out of butternut squash I bought to roast. It’s big enough for soup too.

  3. Your post speaks "cozines" in it's entirety. The soup and bread look amazing. I've re-purposed cards as well. Your grandchildren are the age now when it's fun to make little boxes out of them. I've never heard of that Jacquie Lawson calendar, had to look it up! Another cozy scene.

  4. Delicious photo of your soup
    The mushrooms are pretty. It has only been a few years that mushrooms are showing up on the lawn here.

  5. Lorrie, I think the JL calendar looks a little different this year, and as always, very pretty. I look forward to opening the first day. I didnt keep my cards last year except for one of two that had particularly meaningful messages. Your soups looks very comforting, and yellow! I'm wading through my very green leek soup at the moment.

  6. Already seeing your book about Scandinavian Christmas made me happy. It must be pretty.
    I love Christmas cards and sending and receiving them. It's smart to recycle them but I couldn't cut them. A fun way to use the received cards is playing card games, for example some kind of "Uno" where the object is to be the first player to discard all of their cards.
    Interestingly, also here there were huge amounts of some mushrooms, for example Chanterelles. Your mushroom photo is beautiful indeed.
    Have a happy Sunday!

  7. We had an abundance of mushrooms show up in our acreage this year. Your soup looks delicious. It is nice to take the time to go through last years cards before starting in on this years. I'm still holding off on Christmas until we finish our Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. :)

  8. The soup looks really tasteful! Beautiful pictures and best wishes for a happy week now...
    Love, Titti

  9. Oh, that soup looks delicious.
    Talking of Christmas Cards. I actually started to write some earlier today.
    It's so nice to send and receive them, I do try and put a little note in each one too.

    I can't believe Christmas is so near ... enjoy your days and the week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  10. I'm certainly eating your pumpkin soup with my eyes, Lorrie. I believe orange is more beautiful with blue than any other color. Those mushrooms look as if they're in a fairy setting. It is time to get the Christmas books out, thanks for the reminder. I have spent the last few nights going through British December magazines I've saved since 2008, deciding to let them go, throwing away some where I clip pages to keep and will pass on the others to a younger set. I am definitely in a Christmas mood to decorate and bake after looking through them. Perhaps it's time to do the same things with old Christmas cards. Can you tell I'm a saver?

  11. Your pumpkin soup looks and sounds delicious!

  12. Anonymous5:03 PM

    That mushroom really does look like a skirt blown in the breeze. I've been seeing lots of different fungi on our walks. It's that time of year I guess. Your soup looks delicious! Soup is good any time of the year but especially when it's cold out.
    Granny M

  13. Sounds like you are definitely embracing the seasons. Enjoy. B x

  14. Marilyn M3:24 PM

    I love seeing the mushrooms too! Sometimes I like using them in my little paintings. I don't make soup enough and your soup looks delicious. Our pumpkin ended up being food for the critters in our yard. I still send some Christmas cards. And Nigel Slater's book was just pulled off my shelf for Christmas reading. I love that book in December each year.

  15. I love my Jacquie Lawson calendars. I keep them open all year long and still play some of the games. I'm going to love the Edwardians! And I like pulling out holiday books and magazines, too. Tis the season! Have to max it out! (Your soup looks fabulous!)

  16. Yes, that's right, it's time for soups... and I love making and eating them. Big favorite - pumpkin soup...
    Yours looks super delicious :-)))
    Mushrooms appeared very late here in the forest, but now they are here... although the season will probably be short because there will probably be frost soon. But the forest is so beautiful almost every season...
    Your traditional one looks wonderful
    Advent calendar - yes, a MUST. So wonderful... I really like it.
    A hug from Viola.

  17. I like the way you turned your pumpkin into soup and it looks so pretty in the blue setting.
    I have many Christmas cards saved from years past. Turning them into bookmarks is a great idea. I am ready to delve into my Christmas book collection soon. Cute little bookmarks tucked in would be a lovely surprise. Also for books given as gifts. Thank you for sharing that idea.

  18. Hello Lorri! I love making soup, and yours looked delicious, so did the homemade bread. The advent calendar is beautiful, what a fun way to countdown the days before Christmas! I've been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving today. I'm not doing too much, but I like to be on top of it. It's already starting to get really busy in the city... tis' the season! Have a wonderful week!! So good to visit you! Hugs, Barb

  19. I still mail out Christmas cards. It's one of my favourite holiday traditions.

  20. Yumm! Your soup looks amazing 😋
    So perfect for the season.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lorrie 🦃

  21. I can see why these little things make you happy! I must check into the Jacquie Lawson digital advent calendar. Good ideas for re-purposing your Christmas cards. I keep all my Christmas cards for several years...and have all the handmade cards from decades back. I often use cards from Christmas past in decor, but I love the idea of making gift tags. I still mail out cards as well, but my list is shorter than it once was.

  22. Whoa, that soup appears to be very tasty.
    It is my intention to purchase Christmas cards.
    You are welcome to read my most recent post.

  23. I'm not mushroom wise either, but I do enjoy seeing them in the woods and sometimes turning up in my garden. Your pumpkin soup looks delicious! I love pumpkin soup (and butternut quash), but we almost never have it since my husband doesn't like it. And I'm too lazy to make it just for myself. When my daughter was little I would make her very own advent calendar for her, with tiny surprises for each day. My mom used to do that for my brother and myself, and I remember how excited we always got about it. I hope you will enjoy a quiet and relaxing time going towards Christmas. That's the way it should be.

  24. My grandie asked for a book on mushrooms for Christmas!

  25. I bought myself a diy advent calendar and it will be a little pleasure to open a drawer each day.
    Here the weather do not allow to go out because of heavy rain which I regret.
    I will try to get the books you wrote about .
    Yes soup is good and I often make some with my soup maker it is easy and very quick.


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