One of my greatest small pleasures during the time I lived in South America was the arrival of Victoria magazine. She came in a box of literature from our organization's office in the USA, and I usually received two or three at a time, several months late. It didn't matter. I did all I could to ration myself, to save them for special occasions, to take time to savour their beauty. Nancy Lindemeyer was the editor with the vision for a world where "being nice mattered," and where a woman could delight in creating beauty in myriad forms.

The magazine featured women engaged in all sorts of enterprises and opened a new world for me. I usually read my magazine in the afternoon, after the morning work was done, some dinner preparation finished, and the house was quiet except for the rain drumming on the roof or the frogs croaking madly in the jungle. I curled up on the couch, a cup of tea or glass of ice water in hand and filled my eyes and mind with Victoria's beauty.

I was so sad when the magazine changed - it lost much of its charm. And then it finally ceased publication. The past two years have seen it revived, but somehow, it's not the same. Maybe I've changed, but I don't find the same delight in reading the modern version. I prefer bringing out my old copies each month. September was always one of my favourites. The two featured above are on my night table right now.

And, did you know that the original editor has a blog? Yes! Reading her charming words again fills me with delight. Here's Nancy Lindemeyer's blog link - a bit of bliss for us all to enjoy.
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  1. ...totally agree about the magazine.....

  2. Yes, it's become too ad-oriented for me. I recently took a book from the library - The House in Bloom - by the editors of Victoria magazine. You might like it - the Oak Bay Branch.

  3. I feel the same way, I relished Victoria back then! I'm wondering if the reason (for me) that it doesn't still have that special appeal is because there are so many magazines available now with beautiful photography (one of the things I loved about Victoria) and beautiful blogs with amazing photographs of beautiful things. So much more eye candy now! ~ Violet

  4. I enjoy the new ones, but not like those old ones !!! Clarice

  5. How delightful to find that Nancy Lindemeyer has a blog ... thank you! Its like finding the old Victoria again.

    Love to check out your blog!

  6. Lorrie, we are on the same wavelength! Can't believe you loaded the same Victoria magazine issue I was reading today in the car on our way to visit my sister and her family.

    AND, I've always hoped to hear more about Nancy Lindemeyer as I loved her as Victoria's editor. And you found her blog. I looked before but didn't find anything. So THANK YOU!!!

  7. Well, you obviously know how I feel... we are kindred spirits as far as Victoria is concerned. I am really enjoying Nancy's blog. I am eagerly awaiting her posts about her days at Victoria. Hope you and hubby are having a blessed weekend.



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