Monday, September 07, 2009


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I've noticed some bloggers have wonderfully large photos on their blogs and I've wondered how to do it. Susan, from Between Naps on the Porch, gave some ideas, and I'm trying them out. So far I've had no luck, but I'll keep trying.

Meanwhile, for experimenting, since my daughter has my camera on her camping/spelunking trip, I chose this photo from my trip to Europe in June - a stone cottage in Switzerland. I love the textures and the durability of it.

edited to add - Yay! I figured it out. Thanks, Susan! Now I have to figure out my header/banner at the top.


  1. Love that stone cottage...

  2. Oh man. I know that was a great trip! Wonderful cottage.
    When you figure out how to fix your header, would you let me know what you had to do. As you can see from mine that I need some lessons myself! Not too tech savy.
    Hugs from TeXaS!

  3. That looks like a BEAUTIFUL place!

  4. Hey, thanks for the tip.... I've been wondering about those large beautiful photos.... so now I can experiment too! My, aren't we all learning so much these days.

    I finally figured out how to do a slide and pull in a you-tube video..... that was thanks to Lin over at Letters From Lin at

    BTW, a great photo of that stone cottage.

  5. yeah!! you did it---it is a nice photo!

  6. Great job on the photo formatting. I have been wanting to try to get my blog to be 3 columns, but I know it will take a block of time to learn... which I don't happen to have just now.

    Oh the stone... I do love stone in architecture (and presently have none in my own home... one day.) This one is a masterpiece.


  7. Yes, you certainly did figure it out. I really like your picture, too. Sometimes, I found that it crops my picture too much. That stone cottage has such textures.

  8. A lovely photo ! Well done ,too, on working out something new blog-wise .... I'm only really getting the hang of putting my photos up in the right order , let alone making them bigger .
    I made your roasted tomatoes and made soup with them as you suggested . DELICIOUS !!
    I've mentioned it in my latest blog entry and linked to you . I hope you don't mind but it was too nice not to share further !
    P.S. The beans I use for bean salad are also known as Big Spanish beans ....a sort of overgrown haricot , I think .

  9. Yes large pictures really make a difference on blogs but I have yet to step out of my safety zone to try it:)

  10. Well, tell me how. I'll email ya in a sec. Great picture!!!

  11. Hi Lorrie,
    Your big pics look great! I am not sure what's causing your header/banner pic to be off center. Try removing it and then when you go ro add it back, make sure the box that says "shrink to fit" is NOT checked. I know you want that box to be unchecked to get a nice larger header pic.

    You may want to use a different pic...just as a test to see if it's something about that particular pic that's causing it to be off to one side.

    In any case, definitely select "remove" so that it will be removed completely and try reloading it again with the shrink to fit box unchecked. If it's too may need to size it down on your computer...I used Microsoft Picture Manager to resize pics sometimes.

    If you figure it out, let me know. I'd love to know what is causing it. I have heard of folks having this problem before, but I don't know what finally fixed it...wish I could remember who it was that had the problem now.


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