Friday, March 13, 2009

The Little Things

Sometimes the little things can bring great pleasure and joy. Today is bright and sunny, but so cold for this time of year. Yesterday I picked up a handful of pink tulips at the grocery store and they are cheering me up. I look at them and know that spring is on the way.

This little bird sits on her perch on my china hutch. These mornings I wake up to the sound of birds twittering outside my window. What a lovely sound that is. I know that they are busy collecting bits and pieces to make their nests. They aren't letting the cold stop them from doing what they need to do.

On my mantel this morning I added a new ivy plant and two china birds, softly green. Little touches of spring throughout the house make me smile as I putter and clean and organize. Today I'm preparing for a dinner party in addition to my regular cleaning. And my son came by to pick up an item and stayed for tea and a lemon bar. We chatted about this and that. This afternoon my eldest daughter will stop by on her way home after teaching and she, too, will visit over a cup of tea. Lemon bars are her favourite.

Little things mean a lot and make life beautiful. I just need to take time to savour them.

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  1. I love those sweetly soft green birds!

  2. I love lemon mother-in-law makes them for us.

    Love the tulips too!

    I looked longingly at the flowers at the grocery store today...should have grabbed a bunch.

  3. Ooo, those little birds are so delicately green! I love them. And the tulips too, my favorite!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    blessings, melissa

  4. Ooh ! Thanks for this happy telling , and beautiful pictures . Everythime when I open your blog , I leave it by smiling .

  5. I love the vibrant pink against you silver tray and the tiny green birds are adorable! I really do like your soft sweet natural touches to bring spring to your home. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Oooohhh this just looks like spring! Love the flowers!
    kari & kijsa

  7. Hi Lorie,

    I have missed visiting you my friend. Your place looks very spring like. It is warm here so we definitely are feeling springy.

    Your trip sounds fab. I am so excited for you. Years ago I lived in Luzern and it is still one of my favorite places. I would move back in a heartbeat. I hope it is on your list.



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