Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cereal Box Journal

In a Yahoo group I belong to, we are involved in a cereal box journal swap. I think I might have missed the point since the others are much more cereal box-ish than mine. I seriously altered my box.

You can probably guess that this is from a box of Mini Wheats - but can you figure out the word these letters spell? They have to do with the very idea of used a cereal box.

The word is Whims - and this is turning out to be a very whimsical and fun project to work on.
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  1. Thank you for dropping in for a visit. What a fun project! When I first saw it I thought it was saying, "My wishes". I think I may need to have glasses :c) Have fun with the journal.

  2. Lorrie - your a;tered cereal box journal is great! Love the Patio Caddy you made in your previous post too!

  3. You certainly are a clever crafter Lorrie. The cutlery caddys look good.

  4. Such a great idea. I use cereal box cardboard for many of my crafts :)

  5. Well, I totally love what you did! Clever word!


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