Thursday, April 09, 2009

Quick and Easy

I've long admired Charlotte Lyons' style. Her projects have a simple elegance that appeals to my "not-too-shabby" homey look. She's recently posted several wonderfully easy projects on her blog. Yesterday I found time to make one of them. It's an egg-shape, wrapped in strips of torn muslin (I used some eyelet fabric I had).

I couldn't find an egg-shaped anything in my vast stash of crafting supplies, but I did have a few blocks of oasis. So I carved a couple of egg shapes from the oasis - and voilĂ  - the rest of the stuff came from here and there in my stash as well. It was a nice creative break in the midst of essay writing that seems to never end!
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  1. oh..I love the look...I will check out her blog...
    You did good....


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