Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday Fluffing

The first week of a new year is a quiet one, in which the rhythms of home come to the fore. Last bits of Christmas celebrations are tucked away until December and there is a desire to clean, brighten and make pretty.

After vacuuming today I unfolded a piece of Irish linen, brought from Ireland in the early 1900s by my husband's paternal great-grandparents, spread it on the dining room table and topped it with pots of irises. Interspersed with candles and a pretty pale bird given to me by a dear friend, the flowers will soon add colour to this soft scene.

It was a day for puttering. We got up late and I made a bigger breakfast than usual - poached eggs on sauteed greens with a cheese sauce on top, a slice of ham on the side, and cream scones. I cleaned out the fridge - not my favourite job, but oh how delightful to open it and see it organized and shining. We needed a few groceries and while at the shopping centre, I wandered through a kitchen supply store and a pharmacy, touching, smelling and realizing there was nothing I needed.

Home to put a roast in the oven and to anticipate a quiet evening with the one I love.
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Vee said...

Hope that you enjoy a very pleasant sounds heavenly to me. The irises are coming right along so I'm looking forward to what we'll see there in a few weeks??? days???

Anonymous said...

Ha, Lorrie, I don't generally make new year's resolutions, but I said to myself I will clean out the fridge every week. Due to the fact that I found some very interesting green beans that I had forgotten about.......I don't make it a habit it all to clean out the fridge but I think I need to start doing so, lol.


Carole said...

Happy New Year Lorrie ! I love the pretty scene with the linen, the candles and the irises. Can't wait to see them bloom !
Here we have the same craving for order and flowers. There's a major decluttering session going on at our house, and I can't get away from all my gardening magazines - I already have a LONG to-do and to-change list for the garden !!! But I have to be patient first... it has snowed again !

Andi's English Attic said...

You've brought a lump to my throat. I'm going to give husband a big hug after this!
Your arrangement looks slightly oriental. I think it's the tealights and the little bird that does it. And the runner, of course. xx

marilyn said...

You have created a beautiful visual of your breakfast, wish I could sit down to it, instead I am off to the kitchen to prepare a bowl of oats.

janicebotterill said...

That sounds like such a lovely January day. Great to create such an atmosphere of calm and newness.

Pondside said...

Our house has been de-fluffed so it's looking pretty spartan. I think I'll leave it that way until next week. I love the spartan look of the piece of linen and the bulbs - something lovely to anticipate.

Lenzrose said...

Hello Lorrie,
that looks very pretty. Your Irish linen makes very elegant decoration.
best wishes for you and your family
Agnes D.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your breakfast sounds yummy! I've got to clean my fridge too. I've been putting it off for longer than I care to admit!


Jacque said...

Good Morning Lorrie,

SEE...that is the type of things that I am talking about....

I wonder...does your husband know what a precious gift that God has given him in placing you on earth to be his wife? Well, you don't have to answer that because I see it in your pictures!! You are truly a BLESSED couple.

WOW, that sounds like a gourmet breakfast. Your tablescape is pretty--clean and neat!

Enjoy your week! I hope it warms up here some...we have been freezing to death!! Not used to that Arctic wind..that's for sure.

Judy said...

Your tabletop is perfect....and your Saturday breakfast sounded most appealing!

Have a great week.

Sugar Bear said...

Lovely elegant simplicity!

Linda Jo said...

I love days like that! I love the simplicity you showed us.

Barbara said...

You certainly sound as though you are feeling a lot better Lorrie and I see you are doing much the same as me.

Your thank you cards are gorgious with lots of time spent on them I can see and the Hello 2010 photos are great.

Still battling the snow and freezing temps. here.

rochambeau said...

Happy New Year Lorrie!
So nice to see your husbands grandmothers gift with your fresh irises!

Especially, I like how you spoke of dreading cleaning the fridge, yet then being rewarded with a clean one!
It is SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh.. I love those kind of days!!! I also love living in the expectations of beautiful blooms. Blessings to you!

Decor To Adore said...

I am currently spending an entire week puttering and it feels SO good. Can't wait to see those irises bloom.

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