Friday, October 29, 2010

Evening Stitches

Evenings around here have been spent doing some sewing. There's a shower next week for the newest member of our family who is due to arrive in about 6 weeks or so. I've been keeping most of my handwork off the blog, but couldn't resist showing you last night's effort.

I think this little piggy is adorable. I made her from a felted wool sweater found in a thrift shop from Martha Stewart's pattern, slightly adapted.

Things have been very quiet around here today - literally, as I've lost my voice. I don't feel too bad, but talking is frustrating. I hope my voice returns soon. 


  1. It's adorable, Lorrie. The colour is perfect - so lucky that you found something of that sweet shade.
    I hope your voice returns soon!

  2. I'm sorry you aren't feeling your best, but it is obvious you only lost one voice . . . you are still using the one on your blog! :o) Love the project; so sweet!

  3. That little piggy is so sweet. Some little one is going to be blessed.

    I'm feeling your frustration with the voice...haven't lost mine, but have struggled with a cold that's lasted way longer than a week. Echinacea here I come.

    Take care and drink lots of soothing tea. Honey is very nice, too. Hope that the dust hasn't contributed to this situation.

  4. isn't just so much fun making goodies for the lil new lil piggy

  5. Your little piggy is so adorable.

    Hope your voice returns soon.


  6. Very cute indeed! Will make a wonderful gift along with all your other handmade creations. Best wishes,Tammy

  7. Very cute!

    About the sorry it's not working for you right now. Hopefully it will soon be back. I have a friend who is waiting to have a tumour removed from her thyroid...and they have told her she may never speak again. I can't even imagine!

  8. Drink hot lemon and honey, it does help.

  9. Love your pretty pink sorry you're not feeling well. It looks like things are busy, busy, busy around your house! I'm looking forward to your "after" pics on the renovation!
    P.S. Loved your story regarding the mushrooms...what an unexpected gift.

  10. Very cute softie - it looks so soft!

  11. I agree with Elizabethd about the hot lemon and honey, hunny. Love your little pig. When I was a little girl, I fell in love with a stuffed pig in the FAO Schwartz catalog (waaay too pricy!) but Mum got it anyway. I treasured him and named him Ebenezer.


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