Thursday, October 07, 2010

Just once doesn't form a habit

Making a tarte tatin is on my list of fall things to make. Yesterday I was inspired by Sharon's simple recipe to give it a try. Oh my - caramelized apples and crisp buttery pastry - simple and delicious.

So delicious that I ate a piece for breakfast. Not very healthy, but oh, so yummy. Tomorrow I'll be back to my regular fare.


  1. Ohhhh... that looks wonderful... especially for breakfast. Inquiring minds want to know... did it go well with freshly brewed coffee?

  2. One of my favourite it any time of day!

  3. Oh my! Look at that...a perfectly flat bunch of apples. That's what I need!

  4. Looks delish, I think I'll be making this.
    By the way love your Vancouver Island posts, and your daughter's wedding looks beautiful.

    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Lorrie, Thank you for making up my tarte recipe, so glad you enjoyed it. The left overs do make a wicked breakfast! I put up your photo and linked back to you as promised.
    Glad to have found your blog, just love those ocean line photos in the previous post.

    My French Country Home

  6. Hi Lorrie,
    Your tarte tatin looks sublime! What a great way to start the day!
    Happy weekend


  7. Looks like a perfectly delicous breakfast! Yummy AND pretty!
    ~ Violet

  8. I've always wanted to make one of these - even went out and bought a pan that could go into the oven. I'll have to go over and check out that link.

  9. Oh my stars. This looks delicious.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Lorrie - i haven't had time to blog with harvest, company arriving and Thanksgiving all at once, but I wanted to comment on your Ponderings post. It was very insightful and the monochromatic photos are amazing. I love it when you take us along on your walks.

  11. This certainly looks delicious. Can almost taste it- but them wish I could!


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