Friday, October 15, 2010

A New Playground

Maybe I'm the last person to have found, but I'm both excited and dismayed. Now, in addition to squeezing in time to read so many wonderful blogs, I'll be off to play with photo editing. 

I thought I had to buy Adobe Photoshop or some other program, but I clicked over to Picnik and WOW, I had so much fun!

I took one photo and played with it several ways. I only touched the surface of possibilities.

Here I've done a museum matte and added a bit of text, also subdued the colour.

Black and white, with the same museum matte.

Softened the edges and toned down the colours

Converted to a pencil sketch

And back to normal

What fun! Now, back to studying.....


  1. Playtime!

    What could be wrong with that.

  2. My sis and I were just chatting last evening about wanting to learn Photoshop...... but it appears that you've uncovered something we didn't know about either..... and I'm excited. Wait till I tell sister!

    BTW, your photos are amazing! Enjoy this little 'playground' as you say..........

  3. are not the last. I have not been over to play on 'picnic' as yet...though it certainly looks tempting. Good job!

  4. Isn't picnic amazing. Even though I have photo-shop, I use picnic a lot!! Clarice

  5. I have heard of it for the first time and it looks like fun... Heading there to learn myself. Thanks. Have a lovely weekend:)

  6. Picnik is fun, but your photo is terrific!

  7. Oh nooooooooo - I didn't need to know about this!

  8. Oh Dear! Take heart - it seems that I am the last person to hear of it. Thanks, I think. Now I'll have to go try it.....

  9. hi lorrie,
    wonderful photos!!!!
    have a nice time,
    hugs regina

  10. Hi Lorrie, I confess, you aren't the last person to find this...I wasn't familiar with it either. You have me so excited to go over and play there too! I don't have photoshop either so this should be a lot of fun...and so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Very addicting, I'm sure. :D Amazing what we can find to do when we should be doing something else...hope that the studying is going well...

  12. Picnik is on my bucket list for someday when I have more time...and have written all the words I want to in this lifetime.

    I visited that site once and three hours slipped away like a blink.

    I really love what you did with this same image.

    What fun!


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