Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mosaic Monday

This mosaic is a combination of the beautiful and the prosaic - isn't that what much of life is made of? 

See that red crown moulding - with a blue line along the bottom? It's very redness has grated on me ever since we moved in. But not enough that I hauled out the step ladder and paints to change it. Yesterday - that all changed. I spent Saturday painting doors, door casings, and that red crown moulding. It's now glossy white - two coats of primer and two coats of trim paint. I think it will have another coat before I'm done. 

Next weekend, if all goes as planned, I'll paint the living room walls - tulle white it's called - a lovely shade of gray. 

I turned from craning my neck while painting to look at the living room. And I certainly noticed the mess - all the furniture pulled into the center covered with stained paint. But what struck me was the beautiful October sunshine casting shadows through the windows. 

This afternoon we took a walk down to the marina about 20 minutes from our home. The beauty of the calm sea, the crying gulls, and the fishing boats at their berths tugged at my heart. Beauty is everywhere - when I am aware.

Thanks to Mary at the Little Red House for hosting another week of Mosaic Monday.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, we've now lived in our "new" home five years and the last room to get attention is our bathroom...painted exactly the same shade as your crown moulding. This is the winter that poorly done red paint will be gone! It is very difficult to put your makeup on in a very red bathroom...seriously...just in case you were wondering ;)

  2. I can just picture your satisfaction at having rid your room of the red! We've lived here over 7 years and just last week, finally painted the front door - it's funny what the eye can ignore when there are more pressing things to do!

  3. Thanks for visiting me. Lovely mosaic.

  4. I'm sure you will be happy with your newly painted room. Loved the photos. The marina is a pretty scene. Have a great week!

  5. The longer you live in a place the less you see the imperfections. Anything that bothers you, you'll get used to it in the end.

    But I agree, getting rid of it, is BETTER

  6. Beautiful scenes! Enjoyed your mosaic!

  7. You have a way of making things happen! Enjoy the new and peaceful look. Nice mosaic.

  8. Enjoyed your the mix of the beautiful and the prosaic, as you say! True it is life's pattern for the most.

    Enjoy your Monday!

  9. it is so much fun when a room is done though!! I love your leaf photos on the last post too!

  10. Such a lovely mosaic. I love gray for walls. There is a color that has just a bit of lavender in it that I'm quite enchanted with it. I keep telling my husband I'm going to repaint the whole house...but I suspect I'm more talk and action because we have a lot of walls.

    What wonderful views you have.

  11. Someone painted crown molding red? Wow. And I don't mean that in a good way...more an amazed way...a dazed way. Ha! So glad that you got it painted. It looks beautiful now. I am looking forward to seeing the color of your living room once it is painted. I know that you and your hubby have been very busy since you moved in. A lovely mosaic that nicely tells the story of your week/weekend.

  12. I had to chuckle when reading your post about finally getting to the painting.... We have so many rooms where the painting needs to be updated. I've even blogged about them before - most recently about painting some walls red...only to regret it. And I have just come from Alicia Paulson's blog (Posie Gets Cozy) where she discusses her trepidation with her painting project! Must be a widely shared experience!


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