Thursday, November 11, 2010

Autumn Pleasures

Wild windy weather combined with cold rain have stripped the trees almost bare. The other day as I studied, hordes of leaves gusted by my window, and I was glad to be indoors.

On Wednesday the sun showed her glorious face and I ventured out for my walk in the sunshine. Bare trees display a spare architectural beauty that rivals summer's full lushness.

Each season has its charms. I lived for many years on the equator where seasons did not exist. I missed the changing light and the descent into winter followed by the fine hope of springtime. Spring, summer, fall and winter provide a framework for the year on which to hang each day and later recall them to memory.

Autumnal pleasures I'm enjoying just now...

* warm cozy sweaters

* a mug of hot tea to wrap my hands around

* scuffling through leaves gathered along the roadsides

* more blankets on the bed

* soups and stews simmering on the stove

* watching the wind and rain from the window (preferably with my hands curled around a mug of hot tea)

* exhilaration from walking in the wind and rain

* rediscovering the goodness of apples, pears, and squashes

What are your autumn pleasures?


  1. Sweaters, a fire in the wood burning stove, seeing smoke curl from the chimney when I pull in the drive away, the briskness in the air, the coolness on my face, the crunch of leaves under my feet, knowing that the holiday season will soon be here and so will all our family!! :-)

  2. ....all of the above and a bit of Christmas needlework on my lap!

  3. It is truly fall here in the NW, falling leaves cover everything (including my kitchen floor, as everyone tracks them in). I love new warm jammies and slippers, baking on stormy days and knitting by the wood stove xoxo Clarice

  4. So true...that each season has it's pleasures. I'm enjoying cozy slippers, sweaters, crocheting by the fireplace and a nice hot mug of coffee at the ready!

  5. Yes, a cozy fireplace and falling leaves are reminders of things warming and relaxing.

  6. Autumn is not my favorite time..I get depressed with less light etc...but i do look forward to Christmas...lights, cinnamon...enjoy your weekend..

  7. We're enjoying our fall evening in front of the fire. My husband is sorting lego on the floor and I'm curled up with the laptop and a mug of tea.

  8. Down here in southeast gets kind of chilly! ha! I love the falling leaves, the smell of a burning fire, the smell of burning leaves, hot soup and staying inside! I think the smells are really important to me....

  9. I love the changing of the seasons too. I enjoy them from here in the NorthEast.
    I love that my Cocker Spaniels get so much more playful with the brisk weather.
    I love the last glimmers of twilight, showing the trees in silhouette against a dark pastel horizon, as I look southwest leaving the office at the end of the day.
    I love the slightly damp musty smell in the crisp autumn air.
    I love the brilliant colors of the leaves, I never tire of looking at them, especially against a blue skhy on a sunny day.
    It's been so chilly, especially at night, and I've just discovered the joys of having a hot water bottle under the bedcovers at the bottom of the bed. Mmmmmmm....

  10. Hello Lorrie;)

    What a nice blog you have! Glad i found you:)

    Smile from Torunn, Norway

  11. You are a poet Lorrie. What a lovely ode to autumn. I didn't know you had lived at the equator in the better to hone your appreciation for autumn days!!!

    Living in so Cal we don't have much of a change in the seasons but we do have some. This autumn we've been bouncing forth between chilly windy rain storms (a nice change) and crazy heat waves! It's been an adventure. :) That doesn't stop me from enjoying autumn squash (my special pleasure of the season)! I think acorn is my favorite but spaghetti squash and butternut weigh in as close seconds!

  12. Each season definitely has its charms! I love lighting my candles in the fall... just something about the chilly nights and candlelight. xoxo

  13. Every season has its delights for sure! This season, I am smitten by pumpkins! :)

  14. Lorrie, your list of autumn pleasures helps a person like me put our short season in perspective. I equate autumn with the brilliance of the fall leaves for a mere week or two. Here autumn starts with the first sound of the swathers and combines in the fields and harvest. Now it's a time of warming up the interior of the house with the colours of my pillows etc. It's a time for home made pies and soups, good music and enjoying warm cups of tea, hot chocolate and good books. We've had such a gift this year as although we had a few days of snow that have come and gone, winter only arrived yesterday. But what a gift -realistically there's just five and a half months left of boots, gloves, toques and scarves weather. It's been a great autumn!!!


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