Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Counting Down

Each day passes and I hang a trinket on my grown-up girl's Advent calendar. Everything that needs to be done is getting done, other things happen if there's time. I have a list and everyday a few more items are ticked off, completed.

Exams are done and I have one more paper to complete. I'm having a hard time focusing on that...

because I think today's going to be a very special day! It might be the day our first grandchild will be born! Things are starting to happen! 

And on a different note: The lovely Tish of A Femme d'un certain âge asked me to take part in a series on giving gifts that cost nothing, zero, zilch. My contribution is being featured at her blog today. Tish writes with wit and charm touching on fashion, etiquette, life in France. Go for a visit, you'll love her too.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS grown-up girl advent calender!!!! So beautiful - so simple - love the neutral color scheme!

  2. Oh how exciting! Good things starting to happen... December 15 sounds like a great day for a birthday.

    That is a wonderful Advent calendar. I really like it and have tried to take a closer look at the items you're placing there because every one has significance I'm sure.

    Off to see about those free gifts...

  3. I enjoyed your guest posting today... what a lovely blog she has.
    And wonderful gift ideas you all shared.

    Exciting news about baby coming.... do keep us posted. Wishing momma and baby all the best... and grandmomma too!


  4. I'm a little embarrassed, not alot or I wouldn't tell you. I've been seeing these advent calendars and not getting it. See I've seen them all complete, yours if the first one I've seen counting down. Duh, of course you add something each day! Now that I've got a clue I might make one for the kids (college age) next year, or like yours, just for me!

    Great ideas of yours on Tish's site.

  5. Greetings Lorrie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We all were so fortunate to have such carefree simple childhoods.

    Happy Holidays to you, and good luck with the decorated soap.


  6. Amusing to think that I had to go all the way to France (Tish's blog) to meet a neighbour here on Vancouver Island. Best wishes for the arrival of your new grandchild -- our ganddaughter arrived a month before Christmas, two years ago, and she was the best present ever. Yours, I'm sure, will bring huge joy and change your life!

  7. Love the 'big girl' advent calendar.

    I'm just waiting for the announcement..ready to share in your joy!

  8. Ahhh, not yet or perhaps you're at the hospital...


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