Thursday, December 09, 2010

There will be time

It seems like a number of us out in blogland are feeling a wee bit pressured. I know that I am. There are things that I want to be doing and things that I have to do. And the list of things I'd like to do is not going to get accomplished this year. And I'm learning that that's okay. 

It's more important for me to enjoy the moments that I can, to take time to sit, visit with my husband, think about what's important in my life, focus on the birth of Jesus and prepare my heart than it is to bake more cookies.

Whenever I think about running out of time I think of these lines from my favorite poem by Al Purdy that I've shared before and do so again in the hopes that YOU will take the time to breathe, to focus and to enjoy this most beautiful of seasons. Meanwhile, I'm off to write a French Literature final exam. Then just one more essay (for an English class) and I'm taking a break from studies.

from On the Flood Plain

"Whatever I have not discovered and enjoyed
is still waiting for me
and there will be time
but now these floating stars on the freezing lake
and music fills the darkness
holds me there listening
--it's a matter of separating these instants from others
that have no significance
so that they keep reflecting each other
a way to live and contain eternity
in which the moment is altered and expanded
my consciousness hung like a great silver metronome
suspended between stars
on the dark lake
and time pours itself into my cupped hands shimmering"

(and just to let you know - the photo is from 3 years ago because the angels are still waiting for their moment around here)


  1. Oh let it be so...

    My mother just said that she was exhausted and hadn't gotten anything done that needed doing and it was one lament after another. I shall have her read this or print it off for her to read, if she ever gets a chance. :D

    I, on the other hand, never have a problem with time.

    All the best on that final exam...

  2. I like that...'there will be time'!

  3. Lorrie - this is a wonderful poem - thanks for sharing it with us. Good luck with your exam! Enjoy the special moments each day brings during this Christmas season. You are so wise - "there will be time" - I'll remember that.

  4. Lorrie, this past Thanksgiving, we decided to use the every day dishes, put food out in the plastic storage containers they were keeping fresh inside in the fridge, and just enjoy the day. It was such a success that we are doing the same for Christmas! Our tree is up and the mantle will be decorated, but the other 2-3 trees will not make it up this year - thank goodness! We will enjoy our Christmas Eve fondue dinner before the fire, and a wonderful Christmas feast on Christmas Day, but this year it is all about relaxing and enjoying each other and what Christmas means. Makes me wonder why I didn't think of this sooner! :o) Loved the poem! Becky G. in GA

  5. A lovely poem that makes one stop and think during all the season's hustle and bustle.
    Good luck with the exam, fingers crossed for you.

  6. Anonymous5:56 AM

    What a great poem, I love it! I think I will share it with my kiddos! and hubby! I am not rushing this year and I am simplifying and doing a whole lot less. It feels freeing--I am focusing on Advent. Ps. Thanks for the comments at spindle cottage

  7. Oh boy did I need to read this!!!

    Thank you so much.

    Thinking of you and wishing you well on your exams.

  8. A wonderful posting...... lovely poem!

    Best to you in your final push for your exams.

    Then you'll have time to play....

  9. What a gift to read this morning! For sometime I've seen a dark sky with a few stars poking through the velvet darkness. It's an image meaning many things, most beyond words. This poem adds and even explains it. Thank you for sharing.


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