Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Before. The hedge along the street - chewed down by deer. The mesh along the deck - attempts to keep the deer from chewing the escallonia (with the poles broken by the winter snow). 

This WAS our yard until today. Everything we grew had to be deer proof. But they will eat almost anything - the only things they've missed are the rhododendrons, the lavender, and the rosemary (and small herbs). 

Here's the far corner of the yard. You can see where the deer have eaten the cedar hedge, and they walk right through it. We'll be putting up mesh along there to keep them out. The chairs look a little forlorn - it's been too wet and cold to think about being out in the yard. 

After. Dear Deer, you are graceful and pretty. But you eat everything in sight. Now I'll be happier to see you walk by my yard as you forage.  

Our friendly contractor finished the fence today. The gate is hung. Last night I had a hard time going to sleep because I was so excited about gardening possibilities. Hydrangeas. Roses. Oh, I can hardly wait. Good fences really do make good neighbors when there are deer in the vicinity.

We'll be painting the fence once the weather warms up. In the meantime, I'll be planning, digging holes, and cleaning up. Bring on spring!


Judy said...

You are sounding very much like Pondside...who also believes fences make great neighbours! Enjoy your new freedom to garden.

Carole Reid said...

Woo hoo.....nice fence! Poor deer won't know what's happened to their grazing area but lucky you can have hydrangeas. Any idea what colour you're going to plant?

Pondside said...

I'm so happy for you! It will change the way you can garden - you'll love it! We are seeing plants that we'd never, in eight years, seen. I guess they'd get their heads above ground and then be chomped. It's amazing that they had the strength to come back.

Elizabethd said...

How strange, you are the third person to use that phrase today....there must be something about fences!
How lovely to garden without worrying about it all being eaten. In my daughter's region it is the moose who do the damage...and they love tulips!

Jacque said...

I sure hope that solves your deer issues! I can see how they could be a problem. We have deer that forage the property but I've never seen them eating anything in our yard.

Your fence is very nice. I am sure that you like the privacy element that comes with it as well.

Have a great weekend, Lorrie!

Vee said...

It looks beautiful and privacy is always nice, too. Plus fences keep grands inside while keeping deer outside. So all in all, I'd say that this is an excellent addition to your home.

Maggie said...

A nice new fence to frame your lovely home, what fun you'll have planting your garden this spring.
Looking forward to seeing more pix as the summer progresses.

Sheila said...

You will appreciate being able to see the lovely shrubs and flowers in your garden this spring and summer now. And think of the fun you'll have painting that fence- knowing you - you'll plan a family painting party!
Here our nightly entertainment is watching about 21 deer munching on the clover that still has to be harvested this spring. But they are all pregnant does so we don't mind that they eat a few mouthfuls. They come close to the house these days too and are digging through the snow trying to get to the grass. I don't mind a bit as the north side of our house takes so long to be snow free. Your home looks so lovely!

Carole said...

We are lucky not to have any deers around here. Your house and the fence look really good ! Are you sure you are going to paint it ? It kind of looks nice the way it is (or does it need protecting ?)
So happy for you about all the new planting possibilities. It IS very exciting !

Jill said...

We have so many deer around here too. We love seeing them when you step out but the population appears to have exploded and I'm worried about the plants this year.

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