Saturday, June 30, 2012

Enjoying Summer Moments

Here on the west coast of Canada, summers are short. And they seem even shorter when June is cool, windy, and rainy. Yesterday, we had summer. We took advantage of that by eating outdoors on the deck. I picked a random bouquet of roses as food for our eyes. 

Eight of us sat under the summer sky, laughing, talking, eating, or sleeping peacefully, in the case of the youngest, Miss Tiggywinkle. Summer moments - I wish for many more of them.

My garden is thriving in this weather. The greenhouse affair protects the tomatoes from too much wet, but the broccoli and Savoy cabbage are drinking it in and growing well. The beans are a little slow; they flourish in the warmth that we hope is coming soon.

This morning I awoke to rain. Fat clouds plaster the sky and showers are forecast throughout the day. The grey suits my mood at the moment.

Just to "keep it real" - you may remember that we have a house in Parksville that we are trying to sell. No action there, and so we rented it, as of last Friday. This morning, the renters called to say they wouldn't be moving in. They have their own rental property that became vacant this morning and so they will move in there while they build a new house. I'm disappointed and not a little frustrated.

However, just as I know that we will have more summer moments in which to bask in the next few months, I also know that this house situation will one day be resolved. I'm trusting God to give me patience to wait well. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the roses and take out my frustration on those weeds!


  1. Wasn't that a heavy rain last night? When I heard it I thought of how easy my weeding would be this weekend. This afternoon I have to renew the insurance on my little Miata, and it hardly seems fair, as I don't think I've had a single top-down ride this summer! With this cool weather it's nice to snuggle on the chaise with a cosy blanket and a good book - and I bought some yarn last week for a Christmas knitting project. I may start it early!

  2. The rain has moved up Island along with a breeze. It's a good day for "in"! Your veggies look fabulous. Your house will sell, dear Lorrie.

  3. Lorrie,

    Did you ever do a tutorial on how you built those beds? Or where you got the green house cover? I am really interested in this!


  4. Lovely roses and really like the way you do your veggie beds. As for the house . . . all in His time, yes?

  5. As John and I have a rental property, we know that it takes a lot of patience and that house can sit and sit for months before it finally gets rented again. It's not fun to pay two mortgages while one sits either. So I do understand that aspect of things. How disappointing when you thought things were resolved only to learn this.

    The garden does look wonderful. I had no idea that I should be protecting the tomatoes from too much wet. That could be a problem as they've sure had a lot of rain.

    Yes, we get anxious, too, watching summer fly by only having a day or two of it. This is the first sunny day without any rain in over two weeks. Crazy spring weather gave over to crazy summer weather.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Your table looks very cheerful.

  6. What a beautiful vegetable garden you have! I love how lush and green it looks and the mulched neat and trimmed. Gorgeous picture of your roses, I can almost smell them:) Sorry to know about your rental, hope your house sells very soon:)Thanks for sharing your lovely garden with us and for your sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy

  7. The garden looks so good! And your bouquet. Oh, sorry to hear about the renters who are no longer that.

  8. I love your spirit of enjoying a good meal with family and leaving all the cares of the day - your vegetable garden looks so inviting. Wish I was your neighbour to share in some of the delightful pickings.

    Helen xx

  9. I've always enjoyed more summers in the North, if and when they arrive!
    Good luck with your house for rent/sale, it seems important to you, wish you the best.

  10. Tu as un bien joli potager, le mien a plutôt l'air d'une jungle en ce moment.
    C'est vrai que quand les choses ne se déroulent pas comme prévu, c'est frustrant... mais aussi une bonne occasion de s'entraîner à la patience, et de garder confiance. Les choses finissent toujours par s'arranger d'une manière ou d'une autre. Tout arrive pour une raison, on le voit par la suite.
    En tout cas, courage pour ces histoires de maison, j'ajouterai ceci dans mes prières du soir.
    Pour l'instant, profiter des petites-filles et de l'été semble un très bon programme...

  11. Ain't it always the way: Good news followed by not so good. The one thing you can rely on is that nothing stays the same, that everything changes. Turn and turn about.

  12. Here in Normandy we're enjoying (!) the same kind of summer as you describe, still it makes the garden grow and flourish with no need to use a hose pipe!
    Hope your rental situation is resolved soon.

  13. You have beautiful roses too and you are certainly going to be eating well with all those beautiful fresh salads and veg.

  14. Your garden looks so healthy! Glad you were able to get out on the deck to enjoy it, if only for a few hours. We haven't even had that, here, but do try to grab rain-free hours when they arrive -- and better weather forecasts are showing up for the week ahead . . . let's hope . . .


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