Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Evening

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Brenda of It's a Beautiful Life asking if I would be interested in the cover of an out-of-date planner. The William Morris design was just too pretty to toss. Of course I said yes, and so she mailed it off to me. It arrived a week or so ago - in the midst of travelers and baby arriving, and I've just had time to photograph it now. The design is so rich - I'll look forward to creating a journal worthy of it. And the tags she included are so pretty. Brenda's blog points the reader to find the beauty in every day life and it's one that often gives me thoughts to chew upon. Thank you, Brenda, for the parcel, and for inspiring your readers.

I've been dragging with a cold for the past few days. I've managed to go to work, drinking copious amounts of lemon-and-honey-laced tea all the while, but the evenings have mostly been spent doing nothing. Today, I feel like I'll survive. I've stayed away from the baby but today after school I zipped over there for a little cuddle. What a darling.

After dinner I watered my plants, did some rearranging on the deck, and lettered signs for my herb garden.

Tim made the signs a few weeks ago and this is the first chance I've had to do something with them. I used a Sharpie and lettered them free-hand. If they fade too quickly, I'll go over them with acrylic paints. But I wanted something finished NOW! After pounding the stakes into the ground I took a few pictures. The light was fading and long shadows testify to the lateness of the evening. 

I'm using fresh herbs almost every day now - enjoying the luxury of stepping out my door and snipping off fragrant fresh leaves to flavour marinades, teas, salads and dips.

Do you have a garden? How's it doing? What are you currently enjoying from it?


  1. Get well soon! I love the 'wanting to get something done NOW' approach - I suddenly get the bit between my teeth and make do with whatever I have available too. Ben's the opposite - he'll move heaven and earth to get all the right stuff and do everything right. Yes, we are using lots of herbs as well as all our yummy fruit. We have to keep the herbs in post on the windowsill or the dog eats them!

  2. It's limping a your're giving me ideas here! Feel better, Lorrie.

  3. Well here on the farm the barley and canola are out of the ground and the only things that are currently ready to eat are the chives and the rhubarb. It's a wonderful year for rhubarb with all the rain we've been having. It's time to start sharing it. There's just too much to use. Enjoy your garden!

  4. I too am enjoying fresh herbs...which have seemed to thrive despite all the rain. Love your signs!

  5. Ahh, creative living... it's such a happy thing!

    I hope you get to feeling better real soon, Lorrie.

  6. Beautiful journal there...that would inspire me to write!

  7. Those posts are great! We've got quite a few perennial herbs (oregano, rosemary, lavender, mint) but Paul's just planted a few more, and he's really delighting in popping outside to snip a few for whatever he's cooking. And he's put out a few pots of tomatoes, planted some veggie seeds. Great having him semi-retired!


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