Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Progress

When we moved a few months ago, I asked the movers to leave the china cabinet in the garage so I could paint it. It took awhile, but here is the almost-finished project. A close look will reveal that the handles differ and one drawer has no handle. I'm waiting for more handles on a back order, and installed the old pulls on the doors to make them easier to open in the mean time. 
Here's a link to a photo of the cabinet - before. It was taken in our former home, and is just in the background of the second image. We removed the doors on the hutch to create a more open feel.

How does anyone take a good photo of a gallery wall on a staircase? I stood upstairs, downstairs, half way - and this is the best I could get. Another project in process. The three large wedding photos will anchor the gallery and other photos will fill in. These frames will be painted as well. But I wanted to get started. Tim helped me with the measuring and leveling - so glad for a husband who will take the time to indulge my ideas.

Friko recently posted about the apparently perfect lives many bloggers seem to live. The comments are enlightening, too. My life is not perfect - there are things I'm concerned about, unfinished projects, disastrous attempts at creative endeavours that never get posted, family issues that I prefer not to discuss here, and so on. But I hope my blog is real enough that no one thinks I'm making my life out to be something it is not. 

The quotation above expresses, in a small way, one of the reasons that I blog the way I do. This blog is a creative outlet for me. It's not my journal where I spill my deepest longings and frustrations, nor is it mere frivolity (I hope). I appreciate the friendships, the connections, the inspiration I've found through blogging and hope that I give back some of the same to my readers.

It might not be fine art, but these lettuce leaves and herb sprigs are beautiful to me, worthy of the time to take a photo. Yet, they are not perfect. A couple of tiny slugs washed down the drain when I rinsed the leaves in the sink.  

My parents were here for a quick visit to see their newest great grandchild, and spent a morning with the Little Miss as well. She warmed up to Great Grandpa when he took her outside to play!

I've been helping with this little one, three weeks old today. A few feeding issues have been sorted out and she's gaining weight well. Her hair is quite wild sometimes, and she reminds us of a hedgehog. As a result we sometimes call her Miss TiggyWinkle, after the Beatrix Potter character (who was a Mrs., not a Miss).

That's some of what's been happening around here. Things are not perfect, but they are good. I don't take any of it for granted.


  1. Show me the perfect blogger and we'll look under her bed! =D

    Oh I really like the hutch painted. It looks fresh and new.

    The Gallery Wall is coming along well with three wedding photos to anchor it and fill in around.

    Who doesn't love a Great-Grandpa who knows how to play?! That's the cutest picture.

    A hedgehog? Really? She looks like a little princess to me.

  2. Aw . . . little Miss Tiggy-Winkle is so adorable. I love what you have done with the hutch. What you say about "perfect bloggers" is so true . . . easy to make things appear better/different than they are. You always share with genuineness, positivity and humility that shines through and that really blesses me.

  3. You know I read a blog post of a blog I followed once and she said people often ask her how she does it she proceeded to tell how she keeps lists, organizes, and such to accomplish so much. I clicked away and never returned. I was saddened that she would perpetuate the idea. No one, no one does it all. I blog for the same reason you do as a creative outlet, not to share all of life's happenings and boy is it not perfect. You're grand daughter is gorgeous and we've ironed out some feeding problems with my new grand daughter too, whew! There were some rough weeks!

  4. The cabinet looks great and Miss TiggyWinkle's hair! Too stinkin' cute.

    As for how you blog, Lorrie, this is your blog... blog how and what you want. You're allowed to do that, it's yours! Personally, I think your blog feels very authenic.

  5. What darling little ones - I'm so glad that you are back in town and able to see them often.
    The hutch - I love it!

  6. The hutch looks great! And Miss Tiggy Winkles hair is too cute.

    'Whatsoever things...are of good report...think on those things.' Many days do not go as we wished. Many dreams do not come true. But whether we blog or is usually better to focus on the positive things in our lives. You do that...and it is an encouragement to others, I'm sure!

  7. Le buffet est magnifique, quelle transformation !
    Quant à la perfection... tout le monde sait qu'elle n'est pas vraiment de ce monde, et ce que l'on montre "en vitrine", je pense, doit être un peu plus beau que les catastrophes que l'on nous montre tous les jours. Il ne s'agit pas de perfection, mais de la vie, tout simplement. Parfois elle est tranquille, parfois elle l'est moins. Il faut voir ce que l'on préfère accentuer.
    En tout cas j'aime beaucoup ton blog et avoir des nouvelles de ta famille, de tes projets en cours, et de pouvoir admirer la jolie petite bouille ébouriffée du nouveau bébé.

  8. I think we can all identify with your thoughts about life being perfect there are some blogs which would seem to suggest their authors live amazing lives but they are rather like those round robin letters one receives at Christmas which make you wna to spit!! It's true nobody has a perfect life but would a blog post about the trials and tribulations in detail be of interest to others? Of course we all try to accentuate the positive in life and this is as it should be. I love your painted dresser ( interesting the different words people have used to describe it isn't it?) and your little ones are so cute - the baby reminds me of my daughter at that age but now she has long blonde hair!

  9. the cabinet looks wonderful.your grandchilds are sooooooooooooo sweet.
    wish you a nice time,
    love regina

  10. Hello Lorrie,

    What a beautiful family you have!
    Love your china cabinet!


  11. Love the reworked cabinet and that you took the doors off. Very nice. How fast those little ones grow...sweet!

  12. Your dresser look so elegant now. That is a soothing colour to live with I always think.
    As to eludes me!

  13. I really like the grey cabinet! I wonder if Simon would let me paint ours.. Did you have glass doors on top before? I like the open shelving!!

  14. Oh, enjoy your little hedgehog.

  15. Lorrie, Your grandbaby is precious. I love the hair.

    What one blogs should be up to one doing the writing. I began blogging because I enjoy writing and conversation (I've been told I sometimes enjoy it a bit too much). I am a glass half full kind of person. I didn't begin writing to unload my problems on everyone. I would rather make someone smile and maybe look at something a different way. One of my followers once said it is the conversation they enjoy....I agree wholeheartedly. Bonnie

    p.s. the white cabinet is lovely. I am going to share the picture with a neighbor who is trying to decide what color to paint a secretary.

  16. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Miss Tiggy Winkle looks perfect in every way. Thanks for trusting us with your journey. Cherry Kay

  17. Hi Lorrie, my it was nice to catch up on your blog. Your newest little one, Miss Tiggy Winkle is just so precious! Lovely photos as usual. Enjoy!

  18. The hutch looks wonderful! And the stairway a good start. That is a very challenging situation! Hanging a series of pictures! Have a good weekend!

  19. Miss Tiggy Winkle! So precious! Your veggies look perfect to me! I could never grow anything like that. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me and I too have met so many nice people. I might get a little too personal sometimes though!

  20. Wonderful job you have done with the china cabinet. Such restful and calming colours.

  21. Miss Tiggy Winkle is so sweet. You are always sio busy Lorrie. It's interesting to see what you accomplsh as you create a home you love to live in.

  22. Was interrupted when commenting and forgot to mention your adorable Grand baby.


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