Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Bit of This and That

On Saturday night we enjoyed our first salad from the garden - tender lettuce leaves and crisp radishes. Delectable! The first of many to come, I hope.

Although a watched pot may never boil, a watched peony will eventually open its tight buds. 

Early last fall, I planted tulip and Siberian iris bulbs in pots, suspecting that we might move. I wanted to take the flowers with me. The irises emerged from the ground first, long reed-like stalks. But they never bloomed. Until now, when I had given up hope.

Isn't that the way of life sometimes? After longing for something for what seems like aeons, hope dies, yet not infrequently, in my life, those long awaited for dreams eventually come to pass. 

Gardening teaches patience. The seed is planted, then watered and fed. A small tree grows larger, finally producing fruit. And all we can do is wait and watch, trusting that God's plan for the seed will unfold in due time. 

This post took an unexpected philosophical turn.  I'll let it be. This month is going to be an exciting one - our world travelers return this week, and another beloved grandchild will be born. This is a rich season for our family.

No Mosaic Monday this week. Mary, our host, is dealing with some family issues. Details are on her blog, if you are interested. Life's seasons come and go for all of us.


  1. How true! Hope you enjoy having your travelers back. Mine has just left to go to pastures new after being with us for nearly 4 months!

  2. Lorrie, this is one of the reasons gardening is such a heavenly experience. We garden by faith and experience miracles when thing grow and bloom.

    So many exciting things to and a new arrival!

  3. I enjoyed your post as always Lorrie. June will be your month of dreams come true!

  4. Lorrie, your lovely post just lends itself to be philosophical. I am envious of you peony. My own set bud, but turned brown and fell to the ground:( Gardening teaches us to gracefully accept disappointment as well. The radishes are so pretty.

  5. June is going to be a great month for you! Meeting a new grand and meeting those world travelers all over again! Pure delight.

    My peonies are beginning to bud, too. I'm going to cut some before they get mashed into the ground by the rain.

  6. Your radishes look beautiful! I appreciated this post so much! Enjoy the new grandbaby and hope all goes well with all the family events this month. I think sometimes we pray a long time about something and months or years later we see answers ... we sometimes forget we prayed so long, but what an opportunity to take note and give praise!


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