Thursday, November 29, 2012

Art Show

 The journals were delivered to the art show venue last weekend. I have such fun making them. And using them. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts. Most of my writing is prose, and in complete sentences. Some fragments for variety. I like lists, too. They can be superb jumping-off points for further writing of the exploratory kind. 

Some lovely fabric pieces lounge in my sewing room, too beautiful to discard, too small to do much with them. I had the idea of making some little bags. These are the result. I think them beautiful. Silk, brocade, wool, velvet - such luscious textures. They will also be in the art sale.

If you live locally (Southern Vancouver Island), here's the official poster for the event. The venue is small and cozy, with hot apple cider and drinks. There's sure to be a fire burning and lots of beautiful art - from paintings to pottery to jewelry to cards and more. I'm thrilled that my work is there as well. 

Today the wind is howling high in the trees, blowing the last vestiges of autumn from the trees. Since I was not called to teach, I'm planning to stitch and sew. Christmas is coming, you know! How are you spending this second-to-last day of November?


  1. If I lived in your end of the country I would enjoy going to the art show. Your journal is beautiful and I love the colours and textures of the little bags. I hope all goes well for you at the sale, Lorrie.

    To answer your question, I went to my gym, will be puttering in the kitchen, catching up on paperwork and doing a bit of knitting today.


  2. I like thwat is syas on your journal. So true... that is where blogging has made me think more on what I'm thinking.

  3. Everything you have created is those bags, I am sure they will be snatched up quickly.


  4. What a beautiful journal you made. The show would be great to go to but alas...

  5. So nice for you that you can relax and sew ! Your bags are wonderful. Did you think of explaining how you made them, or present a tuto ? They would look good on Sew Mama Sew or Tipnut.
    Here it's been germs since the beginning of the week : flu with Laure, and on Wednesday stomach bug with Elise. Yeah such fun ! It's horrible to fancy some nice dessert or dish, and not being able to have it because it's too heavy on the stomach and we have to take it easy.
    So it's just sleeping and drinking lots of herbal tea.

  6. wow very pretty journal you made..
    love and hugs x

  7. Love your journals. They must have taken a lot of time. And great use of the left over fabric! They should sell too!

  8. Oh lovely all... That journal would make me itch to write something in it. Hope that the sale goes very well and that lots of folks have a wonderful time.

    What am I doing? Not enough! What is it about Blogdom that sucks me in for an entire hour at a whack when I am supposed to be doing something else entirely?!

  9. Lorrie,

    You are such a talented lady! You have such a complex, concise way of speaking (or shall I say writing). I have always found your wording in your comments well-chosen.
    Your handmade bags are like little jewels. Those would make nice Christmas gifts...


  10. Oh Lorrie......have you thought about an Etsy shop? I would love to buy something of yours.

  11. If I lived nearby...I'd be there! I spent my second to last day of November in the kitchen...not mine. I took in a cooking class at 'The Dirty Apron' in Vanocuver...just for fun!

  12. I love your little pouch purses. If I was there I would definitely by at the craft show. Best of luck on the sales.

  13. I'm pretty sure I'll make it! Your journals and bags are lovely.
    I spent this second last day of November making antipasto with a friend. We made 48 X 250ml jars and 8 X 500ml jars and felt very accomplished!

  14. Your journals are quite lovely...true works of art! I echo Elizabeth's comment about an Etsy shop. I know I'd buy something!

    Yesterday was spent (as the last several have been) taming the Christmas bomb that went off in my house. Yikes! I have discovered that I am a decorating schizophrenic. My creative side flits around from place to place setting up vignettes, while my tidy side panics because the house is a wreck, which paralyzes my creative side. And I am slow on a good day. It took me most of the week to do what a normal person might do in a day.

  15. Your handmade journals are lovely! I bet that show will be fun. Too bad I don't live near there.


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