Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Project Completed

Eight blank journals are ready for the December 1 Art Show. I've been puttering away at them, unsure of how I wanted to finish them. Yesterday I just began collaging the fronts, painting with gesso and acrylics, using my markers and scraps of paper. Because isn't it more fun to write in a pretty journal than a plain one? Yes. I thought you'd agree.

In the upstairs storage room there is a shelf of journals, each page filled with prose, poems, lists, quotes and even a few sketches. There are long gaps between some entries, but the journals tell the story of much of my life. It's surprising how often I go and look something up in a journal. And then get caught up reading the words written long ago. 

I left these two journals plain because I used old nautical charts that my husband was THROWING AWAY. They are sturdy and smooth and speak of adventures on the sea. Wouldn't it be great to have a chart of our inner landscape as readily available? Perhaps that's what the blank pages are for - charting life.

Our son is on a business trip - in Boston - clear across the continent as well as the border. He's flying home today, on the busiest travel day in the US.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers. I'm thankful for you! Enjoy the turkey and the pie, but most of all, each other!


  1. aww very pretty journal..
    happy thanksgiving dear xxx

  2. The journals are so pretty ... I bet they will sell quickly. I'm so thankful for my old journals, and check things like you do. I don't write as much now that I have my blog, but the blog also is a good reference and I have gone back to look up things, The search on the blog is so helpful!

  3. What great journals those are. Ahh yes the busiest travel day of the year. My sister is flying today as well. Saying a little prayer for your son and my sister as they fly and for our son as he drives over Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. Blessings...

  4. What a gorgeous journal, I wish you many sales at your craft sale..

    They will be popular, I am sure.


  5. Those are really appealing - and inspiring. The making of books is an art and a craft that I've admired so much over the years, and yours are keeping me on that track!

  6. Wow...I am floored at how beautiful these are Lorrie...I would love to be on your gift list!

  7. P.S. Wanted to clarify that that wasn't a hint (hahahah)...just appreciating your talent...but I may attempt my hand at making one of these myself one of these days. :)))

  8. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Such beautiful journals , I am a local and was wondering where the art show is on December 1st . Donna

    1. Hi Donna,
      The sale is at Fireweed Studio at 277 Durrance Road. It's off of West Saanich Road, very near the old school that's now the Lion of Judah church. It's December 1 and 2, from 10 to 4 each day. The organizers suggest parking at the school/church and walking the short distance down Durrance Road (hopefully there will be no rain) as parking is difficult on the narrow road there.

  9. These are sooo lovely, Lorrie . . . thanks for sharing them.

  10. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Oh thanks Lorrie , that is very close to me , I will try for the 2nd . I am so lucky to be working at Butchart Gardens and I will be there for their light up night on the 1st . , so excited for this. Thank You Donna

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  12. Just lovely! And I believe my little island is just around the spine of that last book. . .

  13. Beautiful Lorrie, I am sure they will sell well. Clarice

  14. What gorgeous of those in hand, along with a beautiful pen, would inspire for sure!
    Perhaps the blog would have to go and real writing begin again!

    Hope your son's trip home went smoothly.

    Warm hugs - Mary

  15. What a great place for your son to be on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. ;>

    Those journals are fabulous and I adore the advice: Just Write!

  16. I have first-hand experience with your lovely journals and will try my hardest to get to the show next weekend!

  17. Those are beautiful, you talented lady you! I'm not crafty at all, but I do write in a journal and yeah, it would be more fun if it were that lovely! Thanks for the TG wishes...we were glad to still be around family.

  18. I WOULD BE THE FIRST IN LINE TO BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look gorgeous!


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