Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Clouds Lifted

...and I went shopping. To be more precise, I went shopping in the little town of Sidney, just 15 minutes away from home. There are some wonderful shops there and I found what I was looking for. But then, (and this was my real reason for heading up there), I went for a short walk along the waterfront. 

Black cormorants and white gulls seemed quite happy to share their perch, no doubt enjoying the respite from all the rain. 

I never tire of ocean views, especially when a lighthouse (unmanned) is included. Rain is in the forecast for the next 5 days so I'm glad I took advantage of the sunnier, dry weather today.

 Sidney is famous for its bookstores. I spent a few moments, that passed all too quickly, in this one. Sadly, I noticed the one next door has gone out of business. Do you enjoy used bookstores? 

On my way home I drove by these gates, stopped, and took a photo. Christmas already! I don't decorate until the first of December. But I do have a multitude of projects on the go and am feeling a little bit panicky about that. Finishing just one or two would probably ease the feeling, so that's my goal in the next couple of days. 

When do you begin decorating for Christmas? Have you begun baking, or crafting? 


  1. I do like to shop in old bookstores. Glad you got out to enjoy our limited dryness!
    We usually wait till after our U.S. Thanksgiving to start thinking about Christmas. I usually wait till after our anniversary which is December 6th to start decorating.

  2. Such a fun town...with neat shops! We spent a few hours there the last time we visited the island.

    We put our house lights up today...simply because the sun was shining. They won't be turned on for awhile yet:)

  3. Very sweet town
    I love book store from my heart..I can spend hours there:)
    Big hugs xxx

  4. Yes, I do love bookstores, used or otherwise. They're becoming quite a rarity, sadly.

    What glorious photos! I am returning to take a closer look.

    Christmas decorating? The day after Thanksgiving. We need a little Christmas down here.

  5. Sidney by the Sea is such a lovely place to spend some time. The last time I was there I enjoyed the summer market. Good luck with all your projects! Yes I still have those dresses...believe it or not!

  6. Yes, I do love used bookstores. It's like looking for buried treasure...and I always find some. :)

    We usually begin decorating for Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we put up the tree in our living room. (It usually takes several days to do what I want to do throughout the house.) But this year, we are having our special guests and we want to spend every minute enjoying our time together! So we will wait until they leave to make the autumn-to-Christmas transition.

    How wise of you to take that walk and soak up the scenery on a sunny day. Now you can hunker down to those projects on the rainy ones...and enjoy your tea! :)

  7. Isn't is lovely when the sun comes out. We have to hang onto those days!! I am cleaning, cleaning. The day after Thanksgiving, I strip the house and start decorating. I am always cooking :-) Clarice

  8. Oh no we wait until at least the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating. I'm glad Thanksgiving is a week earlier than usual, just because there are five thursdays in this month; and it's always the fourth Thursday. And yes, to love of old bookshops. Have a nice weekend!

  9. So where exactly is home in Canada? Are you on the west coast or east coast?

  10. We love going to that town when we're in the Victoria area. Such a lovely spot. And we've been in most of those old bookstores. Aren't they a treat?

    What a lovely gate.... they are getting ready for the holiday season. We LOVE going to the Butchart Gardens in December when all the lights are up. My favourite time to go actually.

  11. Beautiful photographs and yes I love old book stores.


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