Winter (Late Fall) Stitching

Although the skies are overcast, there's no chance of snowflakes here. Instead the rain drips down, down, down. On the upside, the grass is bright green and the moss is flourishing. 

A good friend gifted me with the pretty print fabric above - chosen, she said, because of the French words. She knows my penchant for most things French. I'm making a simple table runner, with embroidered snowflakes along the center. I'll show another photo when it's completed. 

Other stitching is happening, but secrets must be preserved. Celebrations are afoot! 

Whether you have snow or rain or bright sunshine, have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Thanks for the Friday wishes, no can do, sorry, I am sniffling like the demented with the first winter/autumn cold for years. It had to happen sooner or later with all this rain.

    I used to do embroidery, now it strains my eyes. Sadly. Look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. Embroidery is not something I ever learned; I love your snowflakes and will look forward to seeing your completed runner.

  3. We've been hearing about this nasty West Coast weather. Rain is okay if you have lights to cheer you and work for your hands to do. This is going to be a lovely table runner...that fabric is lovely and the snowflakes will just set it off beautifully.

  4. Very, very, nice! I did not know that you sold art journals. I hope your show is a grand success!!

  5. wow i love is so lovely..
    hugs cucki

  6. Lovely work, Lorrie and yes, those secrets must be preserved.

  7. It is quite rainy!! Pretty fabric. Lovely gift. Clarice

  8. Lovely, restful shades in your needlework!

  9. Gorgeous fabric. I adore how neutral it is. Can't wait to see it completed.

    Be blissful.

  10. I love that, perfect colors for a neutral Christmas...which I adore right now.

    Love the snowflakes.


  11. This looks beautiful It was so neat to see my nieces last week doing a wee bit of this handwork in a very simplistic manner, but a start!

  12. I love anything hand stitched, your runner looks wonderful! Embroidery was my every first love in crafting. Laura

  13. Such a lovely gift Lorrie...I would have never thought to do the solid color in the center...and LOVE the subtle yet makes all the difference! I look forward to seeing it when you're finished!

  14. Pretty. Peaceful. Perfect!

  15. Subtle and understated the fabric of your table runner is lovely, enhanced by your delicate stitches, I know it will look wonderful on your table this Christmas

  16. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Very pretty embroidery, Lorrie! I am so inspired by everyone who is taking up something creative. I am all thumbs right now with my crocheting, and I don't remember anything from the past so I am starting all over again, but am looking forward to be able to share something pretty like you have here!
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

  17. Looks wonderful! Such a pretty piece. Can't wait to see it when it is finished. :) Kit


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