Friday, November 16, 2012

Some Down Time

I've not been teaching this week and have instead, used my time to run errands, work on some projects at home and stay satisfyingly busy. 

But just now, as I write, I'm tucked up on the couch with a heating pad at my back and warm rice bag on my shoulder. The skies outside are grey with the promise of rain. Wind is also in the forecast. A cup of tea to hand, and a square of dark chocolate add to the coziness. 

A physiotherapy treatment at noon eased my back pain but I'm always a little wiped out afterwards. No injury, just a fragile back that needs care once in awhile, due to mild scoliosis. A lot of walking and stretching exercises keep me mobile, but when the back spasms come, often in the night, a visit to my wonderful physiotherapist helps put me to rights.

Sarah Richardson, of HGTV fame (and a Canadian, to boot) posted this lovely video on her Facebook page. It's less than three minutes long. If you enjoy handwork, you'll love this. The accompanying music is lovely, too. I'm sure you'll find yourself relaxing as you watch.



  1. Well I shall watch before I leave. John is currently struggling with back issues...some icing, some heat, plenty of Tylenol bad weather to blame...oh my...I just remembered a promise when I remembered that you are sipping tea. But first the video!

    1. Oh that was lovely! At first I wondered why she bothered with the fabric and then I think I figured it provides some extra color and some body. Thank you for posting this.

  2. And I do hope that you are feeling better asap.

  3. There's an incredible amount of work that goes into the stuffed animals! How pretty! I used to do tons and tons of embroidery, but it has fallen by the wayside in the past couple of years.

    I hope that your back gets to feeling better!

  4. As one who knows all too well the intricacies of back problems, I am sending sincere wishes that your pain will soon be gone and you will be feeling much better.
    Keeping you in my thoughts.

  5. i hope you are feeling better soon..
    hugs xxx

  6. Oh Lorrie I am so sorry to read that your back is keeping you down. It sounds like you have the right forma though and are taking the sort of care of yourself that will have you mobile again soon. I'm still away with sporadic connection - am now at the point where home is the beacon on the horizon. It's been lovely to be with the wee ones and my parents but it has also been a long enough to
    E away!

  7. Pond side again - I just watched the clip - how lovely! The needlework I brought with me has been wonderful company and I enjoyed the artistry in the video with its music - like taking a minute for oneself.

  8. Back pain is so debilitating. Take care, rest and relax.

  9. Sounds like it's good weather to be on the couch all cozy with the heating pad and tea. But I hope the reason for this heals soon so you can be back up and doing all that you want to do. But those times of forced rest are not so bad, are they? Thanks for the video--nice!

  10. Stress in my life goes right to my back. I hope your pain eases and you are up and at em soon!

  11. I have scoliosis, too. If I do too much housework or bending and lifting, my back will go out. Once I lay down, I am down and out. Even if I just bend wrong or lean over too much, I can barely straighten up to walk. Sarah's work is beautiful. I stopped collecting bears years ago, but those are bears worth having. :) Sending healing wishes your way, Tammy

  12. Oh, I hope that you are as right as rain by now...and that your down time was refreshing. Sometimes it's just what we need, although back pain is not a pleasant way to get there.

    Amazingly detailed work shown in the video...and I agree that the music was lovely.

  13. Hope you're feeling back on track.

    Your new blog header is lovely. Cozy. Comforting. Inviting.

    Thanks for sharing that video -- I'm off to see it now.

  14. Sounds a nice way to be dealing with your pain. Prayers go out to you Lorri for some relief. I know how awful it is to lose sleep through being woken up with pain.


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