Five on Friday

Je suis crevée. I'm tired. I'm glad that calls to teach have been steady, but work combined with a dodgy back is exhausting. Ah well, a long weekend is ahead, and I'm paying the second visit to my physiotherapist this evening. Things are looking up. 

1. Speaking of looking, a friend with whom I walk noted that I frequently take photos of details; single flowers or small vignettes, as opposed to grand vistas and larger scenes. Since then I've been watching myself. She's right. So I give you, above, a larger view of the old quarry, now a wonderland of plantings and pathways at Butchart Gardens.

2. And here I am, back to detail. I've been teaching Social Studies (history) recently. The students are preparing for a test covering the time period of the defeat of the French troops on the Plains of Abraham through the American Revolution and the War of 1812. We reviewed today and one question they struggle with deals with the roots of Canada's bi-culturalism. They have an excellent teacher and I stumble along trying to fill her shoes. However, in an attempt to get them to try to understand the importance of this material, I stressed that what happened in those crucial years plays a large part in the way we see Canada today. It's rewarding when at least one student has an "aha" moment and gets what I'm trying to convey. I love history, from the bird's-eye view to the small details of the way people lived and thought. As in photography, both have their place.

3. We've eaten outdoors three nights this week. It's been so lovely to sit in the shade and be warm, to listen to avian twittering, and to flick flies away from the table. Wait, no, that last isn't lovely, but it's true. Not too many flies, fortunately. 
A change in the weather is coming. Already the wind is picking up and it's chilly, not warm.

4.  My mother told me once that these little Bellis Daisies were favourites of her mother, the grandmother I never met. The grandmother who took her place loved pansies. Do certain flowers remind you of loved ones?  I like the way these are nestled into the rocks.

5. We've been enjoying rhubarb for about a month now. Rhubarb can be tart and I like the way the creamy topping on the top of this Rhubarb Cream Cheese Pie tempers the tartness. The whipped cream adds more creaminess. The recipe comes from a friend in Ecuador. When I spoke to another friend about it, she said, "I gave her that recipe." I like to acknowledge original sources when I can, even in recipes. So I think of it as Phyllis' recipe, not Gail's. Clicking on the link will take you to the recipe. How do you like rhubarb?

A long weekend. A small luxury. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit, cleaning this messy house, dinner with two of our children (and their families) and some boating. Do you have anything planned for the weekend?


  1. 5 lovely things. I hope that the physio helps your back and that you have a lovely weekend, I hope to spend some time gardening, and some time drinking tea in the garden!

  2. Oh the lovely views - and close ups - fabulous.

    We have a nice weekend planned - even though it is going to be rainy instead of sunny - although there is some hope that Sunday will have some sunshine. We are starting our weekend off tonight with a dinner for some friends celebrating their 50th anniversary (friends and family from Alaska to Southern California will be attending, to help them celebrate). Then tomorrow morning it is breakfast with one of our grandsons and then he gets to spend most of the day with us. Looks like a fabulous weekend ahead.

  3. I will be actually out shooting some new material this weekend. Loved your post, especially that Rhubarb Pie!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Yes, we have a busy weekend planned. Family dinners on both sides and hopefully a little yard work. We like rhubarb too. In fact, I'm on my way outside to get some for a rhubarb ginger sorbet that I've been meaning to try. We might have to put sweaters on to eat it this weekend, but there are worse things.

  5. I love the grand and the details...especially that rhubarb cheesecake pie. Oh my!

  6. As beautiful as the big picture is, I usually prefer the details.

    Victoria Day Weekend! Hope that it's a beautiful one for you. I have no plans and hope that no one will come up with any.

    The rhubarb pie looks scrumptious and I can hardly wait for the rhubarb to be ready here. I think I'll combine it with strawberry and make a rhubarb~strawberry custard pie.

  7. I do the same with photography...going for the details. Often it's because the whole room is messy, ha! But, even outside I do the same. I was in Buchart gardens once when I was in high school and we are toying with the idea of bringing our family to Washington and up to Canada from there this summer. Now, passports are needed where they weren't before.
    I hope your back gets better!

  8. Moi, j'suis crevées aussi, mais vos très belles photos sont tellement refrâichissantes. Merci. Passez un bon weekend!

  9. I love your close up photos of detail! I think Those bellis daisies are so pretty! I will one day say pansies remind me of my mom. And that pie looks amazing! Where is the print button? I'll to look at that.

  10. I like both your close ups and those of the overall scenes. What a beautiful shade of pink those Bellis Daisies are. It sounds like you actually have a lot planned for your restful weekend, but it will be a change! Enjoy!

  11. The Bleeding Heart plants and the Bellis Daisies are both beautiful, Lorrie. I also like the closeup of the purple flowers. Your closeups are beautifully done, but it is nice to see the big picture sometimes, too. I, too, love history, Lorrie; it has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I may have mentioned to you before that my in-laws visited Butchart Gardens a few years ago; my MIL was so impressed with them. I would definitely love to visit someday. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. By the way, your rhubarb pie looks delicious! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. As much as I love the close-ups I stopped in my tracks when I saw the current view of the Butchart Gardens. I promptly showed it to hubby who said our trip to BC was one of the best ideas I've ever come up with. How lovely that through our blogs we can continue to enjoy the beauty of that gorgeous garden. I truly envy you for being able to visit in all seasons :).
    I hope a long weekend is just what's needed to help your back feel better.

  13. Ah did you have to include that stunning piece of pie? I've yet to find any rhubarb that isn't soggy, or brown up here. Not that we can't grow it like crazy, it's just well not been in my line of sight. It's my favorite.

    Lovely shots...I like both macro, and landscape.


  14. This weekend I am hosting five of my grands; in fact, all are upstairs in various and sundry beds as I type. It will be delightful...although I will probably crash when they leave. :)

    I am a big fan of your close-up shots, but the grander view of the gardens is breathtaking!

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  16. I hope that your back feels better soon Lorrie. I know from experience that pain can really wear one out.
    LOVE your close ups--especially that bleeding heart (so pretty), but it was great to see the quarry turned garden! It leaves me hoping that someday, someone will do the same with the quarries I've seen.
    Our weather has changed also--although today was perfect in my opinion (not too hot, not too cold), this eve definitely feels cooler and the forecast is for rain. As my garden is very, very thirsty I won't complain :)

  17. Hi Lorrie,
    You photo of the garden is beautiful. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a garden like that (without the work, of course!). Your closeup of the bleeding heart flower is my favorite. I like closeups to, especially those of little kids. I used to be one of the photographers for my kids' swim team. I loved taking closeup pictures of individual swimmers to capture their feelings at that particular time. Some expressions were just precious.

  18. Beautiful flowers....but you got me at the pie! Wow that looks so good.

  19. Lovely photo of the quarry, it's been many years since I've been to Butchart Gardens and your lovely photo makes me long to go back. Have to say though that I love your detail photo best, gorgeous colours! So glad to hear that you are teaching about how our wonderful country came to be and that some of your students see the significance of those formative years. True to form, the weather here in the interior is turning rainy and cool as well, typical Victoria Day long weekend weather :O) Those Bellis daisies are exquisite, I don't know that I've seen them before. They probably wouldn't make it up here but I'll have to research them to find out. Our rhubarb is just starting to leap out of the ground so your recipe comes at the exact right time. It looks delicious and I love rhubarb, having stewed rhubarb on toast is one of my favourite ways to start the day. Sounds terrible until you try it! Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs, Deb

  20. Beautiful flowers xxx

  21. Your flower photos are gorgeous ~ both the long view and the closeups! Our rhubarb is coming up nicely but is not ready to cut yet. Maybe next weekend we'll enjoy a rhubarb crumble. We haven't eaten outdoors yet. Our deck is in limbo waiting to be removed and I really haven't 'decorated' it for the season, not even a cloth on the table. I know the furniture will be on the ground for at least 2 weeks or more starting next weekend. Inconvenience but it will be worth it. We have a new bbq and it's down on the ground deck, too far from the kitchen door! I will look forward to dining on our new deck in June. We'll be having rain starting tonight for the next 4 days. Thus ends the yard work. And we're staying home. Enjoy your weekend and the sailing. Sounds wonderful.

  22. Rhubarb - one of my all-time favourite flavours. I like mine tart as well, with a hint of strawberry. I'll have a look at the link, as that recipe sounds intriguing. Have a lovely Victoria Day weekend, and Happy Sailing!

  23. Oh dear Lorrie, I'm so sorry for you with a bad back. There's nothing worse. Hope it is better soon.. Love your photos today especially the first one. I've been there and thought it was spectacular.. Sounds like you are doing what we call supply teaching.... Relieving sick teachers? Do you like it? I did it for a short time but didn't care for it much and eventually went back full time. Thankfully out of it all now. Don't like the way education is going here in Aus.

  24. Not too fond of rhubarb, but it's OK with strawberries in a pie.
    I knew right away it was Butchart Gardens, love that place.
    Someone once told me I took close up photos mostly too.
    I do enjoy seeing the details. And yes, certain flowers, scents,
    or music may hit me in a remembrance of someone special.

  25. A lovely post crammed with beautiful thoughts and images, hope your weekend is continuing the theme.

  26. Your flower photos are marvelous! I am so glad that I saw Butchard gardens about 20 years ago. Such wonderous sights, they don't even look real! Our weekend hasn't been good spending it in the hospital. DH has blood clots in his lungs from the advancing cancer.

  27. Gorgeous view of Buchart Gardens, I've always wanted to visit them.
    Those little daisies are so charming. My grandma loved Bleeding Heart plants and I have two, the traditional pink/white variety and an all white one. She use to love it when I brought bouquets to the Nursing home that included them. Oh that Pie looks good. I love Rhubarb Frosted Cookies.

  28. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I visited Buchart Gardens ten years ago, and it was a bit overwhelming to me - I tried to enjoy it but having only a couple of hours, knowing it might be the first and last visit, was just too frustrating. I am so glad that I can read your blog and enjoy the gardens in small doses that are just right! Your ability to go often through the seasons is the perfect way to do it.

  29. Oooo, that pie looks totally scrumptious.


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