Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

1. One of my favourite photos taken while hiking this week. This perfect little fungus made me think of woodland fairies who might use it as a parasol or umbrella. Such a whimsical mushroom.

2. A simple meal on the boat - soup, bread, cheese, crudités. A confession about boating - I don't get seasick and find the gentle rocking of the boat quite soothing. However, coming off the boat is a different story. The computer is still rocking back and forth in my mind and I go to sleep at night with the waves rocking my bed in spite of the fact that I'm on dry land. This will disappear in a few days, but it's disconcerting at times. 
When our daughter took her AP Biology field trip to the Galapagos Islands (we were living in Ecuador), she complained of the same thing and ended up taking sea sickness pills AFTER her return to terra firma. 

3. Crisp fresh lettuce from the garden. I see lots of salad in our near future. Tonight's was chicken and avocado on lettuce with a blue cheese dressing. An easy meal to end a day that was a bit emotional because...

4. ...we attended the memorial service for 28-year-old Alyson, beloved daughter of our friends Tom and Sue. So young. I confess that my mind and emotions were taken back three years to the death of my nephew Colin, just 29. Same general type of cancer (lymphoma) and an eery parallel in the timeline of chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, hope that the cancer had been eradicated followed by a relapse resulting in earthly death. I am thankful that their pain and suffering have ended and I believe they are with their Lord, but they are missed here on earth nonetheless. 

5. I took a wander around my garden after returning home. Several fat peony buds are in a vase on the mantel. I'm looking forward to seeing them open. One tall stalk of foxglove stands like a sentinel, glowing pink in the late afternoon sunshine. I'm reminded again of the beautiful and precious gift of life.

For the weekend - tomorrow morning we'll be volunteering at Woodwynn Farm, a therapeutic community on the Peninsula. In the afternoon there will be weeds to pull here, and a lawn to mow if the rain holds off. Ordinary plans for an ordinary weekend that becomes extraordinary when I pay attention. 
Anything exciting going on in your neighbourhood?


  1. I love your mushroom photo--I find fungi fascinating! Your soup looks SO good right now. I am starving because we are waiting on some family to arrive before we eat, but soup sounds better to me than pizza. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend's daughter. May God be with them as they grieve the loss of their daughter. May God be with you also.

  2. The pic are so sweet ❤️
    Enjoy the weekend dear, hugs! xo

  3. So sorry for your friends's sad loss,.
    I so enoyed your photo round up how wonderful to have homegrown salad leaves already, hope that your ordinary weekend is spectacular.

  4. It is just wonderfully beautiful where you live and your fabulous photography shows it.

  5. "Ordinary plans for an ordinary weekend that becomes extraordinary when I pay attention"... this really caught my eye. Well said and so true. I often think blogging and photographing the small details of life makes ordinary days a bit more... extraordinary.
    Interesting about the after affects of the boat trip. Hope it won't be long until things feel a bit more steady.
    Your boat fare looks very impressive.
    My heart goes out to Alyson's family and friends. It's never easy, but I think particularly difficult with one so young.
    Your beautiful foxglove is a lovely finish to your post.
    We'll be out on our boat with family tomorrow celebrating Memorial Day one day early. Today I'm headed for an art/antique fair in the country.
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend, Lorrie.

  6. Oh here I thought it was a table for the fairies to pull up a chair. Your own table looks wonderfully fine with a nice, healthful meal prepared.

    Interesting the discussion of the wobblies, both physical and emotional. I can think of nothing worse than the loss of young people. It is sad news, yet the best news for those in the presence of God.

  7. I, too, am so sorry for the loss of your friends' daughter. Never is a loss easy, but the loss of a child must be a heartache of the deepest kind. I like what you say about the ordinary becoming extraordinary as you pay attention. Death causes us to pay attention, doesn't it? Perhaps that is why "it is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart." Thoughts to ponder...

  8. I'm sorry for your friends loss, that's beyond heartbreaking.


  9. It is so sad when one loses a seems easier to accept the demise of an elderly family member although there is still pain and grief. I hope your friends will have lots of support.
    Looks like you will have a lovely day to work at Woodwynn, we hope to walk along the waterfront and check out the Swiftsure boats.

  10. Fresh lettuce from the garden...a yummy meal for two...beautiful blooms...and a wee fairy umbrella. Four beautiful pic's. And then the sad word picture of saying farewell to a young friend. So sorry for all those who will miss her greatly!

  11. I am so sorry for your friends. I lost my beloved brother to lymphoma at age 34 so I do know the family's pain and the story of how lymphoma can go.

    And your foxglove is just beautiful.

  12. Lovely post......... beautiful flowers, love the mushroom....and the food. So weird about the land sea sickness following the boat trip. And I'm so sorry about your friends' daughter. Such a tragedy..... Praying they feel some comfort this day.

  13. I'm sorry to read about the illness and loss of one so young.

    It's an ordinary May day here, filled with sunshine and breezes and tasks in the garden. Ordinary, but joyful.


  14. Oh that foxglove is beautiful- and what a perfect mushroom- hope the sad days are few for you- young death is so hard...

  15. The mushroom looked like a table for an elfin garden party - lovely!
    We had a difficult week too, with the loss of two young people - children of two sets of friends - also to cancer. So hard to understand.

  16. Lovely photos..the mushroom is magical! Prayers for your friends..what a tragic loss. Hope your weekend is extraordinary! Susan

  17. Super enjoyable post. Loved your little "fairy" mushroom.
    Your meal sounds great and it was interesting to note that you still feel like you're on water when you get on dry land.
    So sorry to hear about the loss of a young life. Death is never easy no matter what age it comes for.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  18. I'm just like you Lorrie, I don't get seasick but get the rock and unsteadiness on my feet once I'm off the boat, not always a pleasant feeling I agree.
    Your daughter had the right idea!
    Oh those poor families losing children at that stage of their lives, it's tragic.
    Thinking of you and sending big hugs.

  19. Beautiful photos, Lorrie & I'm sorry for the loss of your young friend. We, too, have had to bury 2 family members in the past 2 54 & one 31...the younger of the two left 2 little children behind, an 8 yr. old & a 12 yr. old. SO Sad! Mostly the reason I haven't been blogging much lately.

    Your pretty flowers have lifted the spirits of many, I'm sure. My peonies will bloom any day now so I'll soon have some PINK to share.

  20. forgot to say I'm exactly the same way after being on a boat. I've slept with one foot on the floor to keep the bed from rocking! LOL

  21. So sad for your friends loss of a daughter.
    I hadn't heard of being seasick after returning to solid ground.
    Yummmmm foods!
    Lovely foxglove!

  22. so sorry for your friends loss xxx


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