Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Piles of Little Things

This week's activity has been concentrated around getting things finished. Little things, like "just-get-the-buttonholes-done-and-you'll-have-something-finished." My mother first sewed on an old Singer machine. I made a skirt with that machine and probably some other things, but then she brought home a lovely, modern Bernina machine, similar to the one above. I sewed a lot with that machine. Mom still has it but she sews quilts now, not clothing. So last time we were in Chilliwack I asked if I could have the old buttonhole attachment. You can see the green case behind the machine above and the contraption afixed to the pressure foot. It makes the best buttonholes. Thanks to my consuegros (parents of a son-in-law), I have a Bernina as well. It stitches so evenly. I still use my Husqvarna for everyday sewing, but for buttonholes - it's the Bernina. 

I've painted shelves and picture frames, filled some holes in the wall and will paint them, weeded the garden, and sewed, trying to finish projects that have sat, neglected, for too long. Not much to show for all my efforts yet, but I'm hopeful. 

Peonies are slowly opening outside. I picked a few fat buds to sit on the mantel and watched them open. Such lush flowers. 

I'd planned to putter some more today, but a call last night had me scurrying to organize myself - instead of sewing I'll be discussing the French Revolution, Romeo and Juliet, and All Quiet on the Western Front with various classes. Some of my favourite history and literature. 

Catch you all later this afternoon.


  1. That Bernina looks a lot like mine. In 1996, my aunt had her 30 year old Bernina reconditioned for me. It is almost 50 years old and still going strong.

  2. I still sew on my original Singer machine, bought once I moved away from home as a 20 or so year old. What will that sweet blue printed fabric be once the buttonholes are finished?

  3. My first peony bud opened up this week. The other buds on the 2nd plant are getting ready to open up.
    My mother sewed on a Singer. I bet she would have loved a Bernina...

  4. Oh wow. I could so not discuss any of that with anyone without a mammoth refresher course. Kudos to you!

    Lovely discussion of sewing machines. I always enjoy reading such things. I have my mother's Singer...I do not use...and my grandmother's Singer...ditto...I have a Janome. I haven't even tried to make button holes. I think I can live this life without doing that task. Whatever you are making is going to be lovely. Hope that we get to see it, too!

  5. I have so much to finish so I am glad I am not the only one. My Grandma had an antique Singer machine and made her wedding dress, and my aunt's bridesmaids dresses on it. Amazing machines! Have a wonderful rest of week xx

  6. You have a lot of different interests. How I would love to sit down in real life and talk with you...over a cup of tea of course! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  7. Your week sounds full and rewarding...and it's so nice to finish up projects, I like the feeling of accomplishment that it brings.
    My garden has gotten away from me and will need some serious TLC in the next few days.
    Hope you are soaking up some of this lovely sunshine today.

  8. What exquisite paeonies. I planted one this year, but it may not flower for two or three years.

  9. Not a single bud on my peonies - perhaps next spring.
    It sounds like you've has a wonderfully productive time getting all of those loose ends tied up...... Just in time to be called away.
    I've just passed my 1980 Singer on to my daughter and will look for a new (to me) machine.

  10. I love the older machines - they seem to be sturdier and have a finer stitch.

    The peonies are simply lovely. I like days when I get a lot of little ends tied up.

  11. It is rewarding to finish little things. I have a list of such things to do this summer, during our homeschool break. I hope that I keep my resolve.

  12. Doesn't it feel good when the little things are finished? Oh such rewards! My sewing machine is actually out, which is rare these days. I tried finishing one thing and didn't like it. Now don't want to put away because I just know there must be something to sew. Your peonies are just gorgeous. You inspire me to go pick some buds and watch them open up. Here's to new adventures after a phone call.

  13. Anonymous8:41 PM

    It has been many years since I have sewed. I have always love peony blooms!

  14. I am so in awe - I can't even relate to 'everyday' sewing! I have a Janome, and when it gets pulled out it's for today, tomorrow and all my wishful thinking! ;-) I'm not a great sewer... can you tell? But I do love peonies! The driftwood also caught my eye #loveit! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night at Heather's!

  15. I try very hard not to covet the wonderful sewing machines of others. Mine is so old that it was handed down to my mother from my grandmother. I borrowed it from her and have't returned it yet. (That's because I have broken it just a little and don't want her to know until I fix it.)


    On the upside, I can discuss literature much, much better than I can run a sewing machine.

  16. Hi Lorrie,

    Although I never got the hang of sewing, I can appreciate the skill and talent that goes into all those lovely and creative projects. Your memories surrounding this useful hobby/skill sound comforting.

    Peonies are one of my favourite flowers! Your pink blooms look so healthy and vibrant. Sadly, while in Toronto, I missed their blooms this year, due to the extremely long and cold winter delaying one of spring's prettiest protagonists!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!


  17. You've certainly had a busy week and accomplished much! Love the machine - and the lovely things you always create with it Lorrie. I have a Singer from the sixties - moved it here to NC in the seventies, and will never replace it as I don't sew much anymore. Grew up sewing on my mum's old Singer treadle - it was a fabulous machine!

    My peonies only produced one bloom so far - yours are gorgeous.

    Hugs - Mary

  18. Ah, I have many unfinished projects in my studio, so I need to follow your lead. I have a Bernina too and love it. I only did buttonholes during an owners intro class and none since.


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