Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Garden Visit

A friend invited me on a walk through the Horticultural Garden not far from our home. We've been inundated with rain lately but the skies let up a bit on this afternoon. There's still lots of green - our grass always stays green in the winter and tends to go brown and dry in the summer. 

In the Japanese Garden, water plays a major role. The raindrops falling on the water are visible; luckily, the shower didn't last long.

Raindrops on bare branches remind me of crystal drops - nature's decorations.

Another view of the Japanese Garden - trickling water, curving bridge, greens and browns in harmony.

The Beauty Berry bush is bare of leaves and the bright purple berries are stunning on their own. 

A little surprise - snowdrops blooming already. I wonder what will happen when the weather gets cold again? Shivery blossom warning ahead!

On the Christmas front, parcels and cards are mailed, most gifts purchased and ready for wrapping, a few projects still on the sewing machine, and most of the baking done. A little bit every day and things are moving along well. How are Christmas preparations coming along for you?


  1. You were smart to grab a window when the rain wasn't too bad. I'm in Vancouver now, and it's pouring! Luckily I have an umbrella and a good knee-high pair of boots,....
    Interesting, those snowdrops up now..l noticed today that the hazelnut catkins are out. Seems early to me, but I haven't any clear memory of other years--just that when I see them, I always begin anticipating spring and really that's way too optimistic right now!

  2. How pretty. We have beauty berry here and it's blooming right now. I still want to sew some more and have a few more Christmas cards to write. Holiday hugs, Diane

  3. I have done almost all my shopping online this year. That's a new experience for me but has been a life saver as I recover from surgery. IT looks like your weather is similar to ours--it's gotten warm here again too.

  4. Your photos are really nice, especially the rain drops on the water, and the plants.

    I have some shopping done, but not all. Nothing wrapped yet.


  5. Anonymous7:37 PM

    It's been nice to have a few breaks between the showers! Love the rain drops you captured. I still have to address and mail the cards. I'm going full speed ahead next week...Lord willing.

  6. Slooooowly...

    I very much enjoyed this walk through the garden with you. So pretty! Green all that's a mild and pleasant climate. I am sure that you are as ready for the sunshine as we are. Tomorrow will be four days of rain...driving rain much of the time...hope to see the sun this weekend.

  7. What a beautiful walk. How I would love a Beauty Bush in my garden. The berries are gorgeous.
    Packages ready to mail, but no time to go to the post office. Hosting and preparing for a tea party Friday evening and again Saturday, then I can relax, go to the post office, do some baking for family, listen to music, and wrap family gifts. Cards have been sent, whew!

  8. I LOVE snowdrops and that beauty bush is beautiful! I really enjoy Japanese gardens and wish ours was just a tad bit more traditional.
    Blessings, Aimee

  9. What delightful garden photographs, thank you so much! Glad you got a break in your torrential rains to get out and enjoy it. Christmas preparations are in full swing here, the house is being decorated and baking and canning are on the go. Happy Christmas preparations to you!

  10. Snowdrops already? Wow that is early...
    I went to lunch at the cafe at the Horticultural Centre last summer and enjoyed a lovely afternoon strolling the grounds.
    Hope you kept dry on your walk.

  11. It's so beautiful x

  12. Lovely photos, Lorrie!
    Thank you and have a nice weekend!

  13. It wasn't until I met blogger friends from your area that I realized how mild Vancouver is in the winter, even though you are further north of us here in Michigan. It still surprises me though. I guess it is all those warm ocean currents?
    I hope to finish my cards today. Just need a few stocking stuffers and then bake and cook for the freezer next week. And wrap. :)
    Have a nice weekend Lorrie.

  14. Beautiful textures and colors in your photos Lorrie!! I think I am pretty much done with Christmas stuff...just a couple of potlucks to go, and I only have 2 gifts to finish up and the kids stockings! I have 3 days off next week, so hope to get the stockings off my list! and then it will be sit back and enjoy !

  15. Seeing the garden, especially the snowdrops was like a breath of fresh air for me. We got a fair bit of snow the last couple of days but the temp. is rising again and it will melt.
    My shopping and baking are done and it begins this weekend with family from the north spending three days with us. Next weekend will be the other daughter and family.
    I mailed all my cards and one came back - forgot to put a stamp on it. :-)

  16. How pretty this garden is / especially those purple berries! : )

  17. Stunning. So beautiful even with all the rain and wind we have had!! Clarice

  18. Anonymous6:10 PM

    That must have been so invigorating right after a rain. Horticultural gardens, botanical gardens (and I just got to wondering, what garden isn't both of those?), all gardens are always offering something new, even if you were just there a week previous. I haven't been to anyone else's garden in too long!

  19. Stunning photos! Love the raindrop pics.

    As for Christmas preparations, three parcels went in the mail today. Others were wrapped. And, I helped my mom sample Christmas cookies she'd baked. :)

    Happy weekend....


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