Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December Flowers

We had a little, a very little, snow over the weekend. Unusually, it's still sticking around. One unwary rosebud emerged and promptly froze.

The younger Little Miss, upon seeing the snow, said "we have (arms moving in slow circles over her head) yots and yots of snow on the trees and tons and tons of snow on the ground."

Her elder cousin was taken to the door early in the morning.

"What is it?" she asked. "Is is frost?" 
"Is it snow?"
"Can we go out and step in it? Can we make a snowman? I don't know how."

You can infer from these conversations that snow is a big deal around here, rarely seen. It will be gone by the end of the week, to be replaced by rain.

This slight cold/cough virus thing has been hanging around for almost a month (it is just a virus - I visited the doctor last week). I'm tired of dragging around because of it. This morning I woke up early and thought, "I feel great!" Then I began coughing a bit and decided to get up (at 5 am). A little sewing and embroidery with the fire glowing and a cup of tea before breakfast, then two batches of cookie - gingersnaps and orange cranberry shortbread baked - all before 9 am. 

Guess what? It's 10:06 and I'm tired again. But a cup of tea and a little break will put me to rights. I have some errands to run, including a haircut.  

The paperwhites are beginning to bloom. Such lovely delicate flowers with intoxicating scent. They are in the dining room but I'm moving them to the front hallway where I can take a sniff every time I walk through.

How is December looking for you? What sights and scents might you be savoring?


  1. Growing up in Southern California, snow was a non existent thing unless we went up to the mountains. Now in Pennsylvania we have snow yearly though some years more than others.

    I like the way the pace of your day sounds. Relax yet accomplishing things, resting, drinking tea. Very nice!


  2. Lorrie, those cookies look scrumptious. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy so you recover fully.

  3. bodies are funny like that eh. comic almost. why, I feel great. topple. I feel. topple.

    restive is a kind of festive.

  4. Reading this post makes me miss the energy I had before surgery. I'm sorry you have a virus and hope it clears soon. That is such a beautiful Rose and paper whites. Making me smile!

  5. The reactions to the snow of your granddaughter and niece are so sweet. What a beautiful rose! Your cookies look so yummy and I'm sure they'd go very well with your morning tea break. It's been freezing rain here today after 4 cm. of snow last night. What a mess! I hope I can make my hair appointment tomorrow morning! I do hope this virus soon leaves you alone so you can enjoy the festive month of December.

  6. I do love winter flowers especially the crinkled look of a winter rose. The cold flu virus is in our home too. I have not gotten it and sure hope I don't. Take care dear.

  7. Forcing paperweights was on my Christmas to do list....Alas it didn't happen! I do hope the little ones get to see more snow, and maybe have enough for a snowman. Hugs!

  8. What a sight to behold - falling snow and a rose blooming simultaneously! I can imagine how excited the little misses are!

  9. I am savoring the sights at your place more than the sights I'm currently seeing here. Bins and half done Christmas decorating everywhere I look. Can't wait to be done and enjoying the fruits of my labor.
    So sorry to hear that your virus has been hanging on so long. I am impressed by how much you are getting accomplished despite being under the weather.

  10. The paperwhites are blooming here too. I just love them this time of year. Hope your cough goes totally away soon. Soon there will be cookies and goodies baking here too. And snow is always so exciting. It has been cold here with frost, but no snow.

  11. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Sorry that virus is hanging on and I do hope it departs lickity split!
    The cookies are calling to me.
    Love the reaction we all have to snow in this part of the world!

  12. I am longing for a cranberry orange shortbread cookie right about now!

    Also enjoying some paperwhites over here...a gift from a friend.

  13. Roses are one of my favourite flowers. Gorgeous photos. And those cookies look so delicious. I want to eat them all. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and yummy post.
    Regular cleaning Eltham

  14. Haha, that is such a charming image(in my head) of your young Little Miss having trouble with her 'l's! Smow is so exciting for them, even if just a sprinkle!
    Sight and smells of December? Well outside are browns and greys in abundance, plus drizzle. Inside is Radio 4 and the making of sticky toffee pudding and baked apples for my dear hubby who is working SO hard at this time of year. He is in charge of the IT/systems/ orders/ for an old fashioned toyshop ~ and they are inundated!! I call him one of Santa's helpers : )
    God bless,

  15. Beautiful flowers and delicious-looking biscuits! And the little ones sound so sweet...
    I hope you get well soon!

  16. Weather wise, it does not look promising yet, for I do not see the sun coming up behind the barn. I, too, have a bit of cold. Not run down yet, still going strong. I hope you get feeling better soon. Often these un named viruses are hard to kick. Have a great day.

  17. The paper whites are so delicate and pretty. A couple of years ago I had a cold/cough that hung on too long and turned out I was deficient in Vit. D. (by blood test) so a prescription of it and now over the counter supplements since then really made a difference.
    Sleep is always good medicine too isn't it?! I can just hear those little girls and their wonder at the snow. :)

  18. I love grandchildren conversations! Our 10 year old grandson asked me my favorite state - after I told him he said his was Wisconsin. Asked why, he replied that according to Grampy there was snow all year and so that would be his favorite state. (Grampy may have made it sound a little more snowy than it actually was).

    Glad you are feeling better, at least for little spurts. The cookies look wonderful - they are two of the same kinds that I bake at Christmas. Our tree is up and the lights are on - and next week the baking starts - first German Stollen ( a fruit and nut yeast bread ) and then cookies. Lovely smells and memories.

  19. I'm sending you thoughts of wellness.

    Good thinking to get up so early and get some things done while you feel 'good'.

    Those cookies look awesome!

    Enjoyed reading about the little exchange with the Misses re the snow. So sweet.

    Now for some restful moments!


  20. Mmmm gingersnaps, my favourite! Hope the 'bug' leaves you soon and lovely photos, your paperwhites are glorious! I'm savoring the smell of fresh evergreen since we just cut down our Christmas tree up on the mountain and have brought it inside today. Heaven!


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