Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Bit of This and That

Life has its ups and downs around here. Laughter and tears mingle. One big up is the garden - a pink climbing rose that I transplanted is blooming and thriving.

After a rainfall last week I went out and captured this Secret Rose.

And more Secret Roses. A downside is that since my cold (which is better) I don't have much of a sense of smell. Hopefully, that will return soon. What a letdown to stick my nose into the blooms and smell....nothing, when I know they are sweet and fragrant.

Most of my hydrangeas are blue, but this pink one grows in a shadier spot and I wonder if that's why it's pink - or perhaps it's the soil composition in that particular spot.

For Father's Day we got together for a barbecue at our daughter and son-in-law's new home. Grandpa happily played tea party with the Little Misses before dinner. 

It's been many years since I've spent Father's Day with my own father. My parents were over for the weekend. Here's Great-Grandpa feeding Mister F his lunch. Such sweetness.

It's all my mother's fault. She posted a photo similar to the above on Facebook and I was overcome with the desire to make these easy treats. No baking required and they come together fast. (They also disappear quickly.)

Marshmallow Squares

1 cup peanut butter (I use smooth, no sugar peanut butter)
2 teaspoons butter
1 - 12 ounce package butterscotch chips
4 cups colored marshmallows

Melt together the peanut butter, butter and butterscotch chips. I use a glass bowl in the microwave and it takes 1-2 minutes. Stir well. Cool slightly and stir in the marshmallows. Pour into a 11 x 7 glass pan. Cool. Cut into squares and enjoy!

Hoping life's ups and downs are mostly ups. Do you have any treats that you're enjoying these days?



  1. Oh yummy looking treats!
    Life is very much like a roller coaster...we just have to hang on and try to enjoy the ride.

  2. Looks like it was a lovely Father's Day with beautiful weather. So nice to be able to spend time outdoors. Hope you get your smell back soon. :)

  3. How sad that you can't enjoy the glorious scent of roses....soon I hope.
    Our treats are the first garden vegetables, broad beans and sugar snap peas lightly steamed with a touch of butter!

  4. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Wonderful Father's Day for you spending it with your father, your husband and your son-in-law. Three generations which is always a nice thing and that dessert sure looks delish. My treat this week is that a Knockout Rose and a blue Hydrangea that were buried under 93" of snow and downed branches and logs survived and are both about 18" tall. Hooray for perennial plants.

  5. Those secret roses should be no secret they are so beautiful. How nice you could be with your dad on Father's Day--I know you cherish those times and what a sweet photo to remember it by. Yes there are ups and downs to life, each day it seems, but if it were all ups we may not grow or learn as much.

  6. Replies
    1. (Paused to think...looked back...poof. I think it may be because I don't wait long enough to allow the blog to load, which takes about a minute ten seconds on this iPad. I'll be testing that theory.)

      Father's Day looks very special. Great to celebrate all the dads in the family, including your own.

      Love the shades of pink in your Secret Rose...gorgeous.

      Life has its ups and downs and can be quite messy. Hope that things start swinging in the right direction.

      Oh, I loved those treats and haven't thought of them in years. I did think of peanut butter fudge last night and made up a small batch. Wonder if fudge would make a good breakfast...

  7. Your roses are so pretty. I hope it won't be long until your able to smell them once again.
    How nice to have all of the dads together to celebrate Father's Day. Love the photos you captured.
    Your treats sound yummy and look tasty. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Our treat lately has been chocolate zucchini cake. I made it for an outdoor concert Friday night and we are still working on the leftovers.

  8. Oh wish I could grow hydrangeas. From what I have read, the blues will be pink based on soil chemestry which can be changed by adding a product we have here call Muir Acid. You might check with a local nursery. I do applaud your efforts in transplanting a rose. Gives me courage to try. Have a great week, Lorri.

  9. A lovely Father's Day celebration and gorgeous roses. I have had those squares at many pot lucks but never made them, think I'll pin and make them myself one time.

  10. Sorry I haven't been by lately, Lorrie. I have been reading your posts via email though. Lots of fun family times & I'm so glad you take lots of pictures. I wish I had.

    Did you, by any chance, take Zicam for your cold? We have relatives that lost their sense of smell after using it. I understand there is a big class action lawsuit regarding it. I'm hoping that isn't the case with you & that soon you'll be able to smell your beautiful flowers again! They're gorgeous!

    BTW, I google all the different places you speak of & learn a great deal via your travels. Would love to stay in the B&B Queen Anne place, too!!!!!

  11. Your roses/flowers are GORGEOUS!!!! Hope your cold goes away quickly so you can smell things again. Pretty pink hydrangea...we can only do the white/green ones here because of our soil.
    GREAT Father's Day pics. Love the one of GG feeding the little guy- xo Diana
    ps- I have not had those "bars" in years!

  12. To be with family is the best day of all and makes the down times more bearable, doesn't it? I hope you feel better very soon and can walk through your rose garden with perfume surrounding you!

  13. Love those pink roses! Treats being enjoyed here are mostly rhubarb based these days.

  14. Looks like the Dads had a lovely time playing with the grands, what a special time for you all to be together. Your Secret Rose is a delight, I so hope you can smell their sweet perfume very soon.
    We've been eating quite a few dishes of Eton Mess this past week or so, I love the mix of cream, meringue and luscious strawberries, yummy.

  15. Now I must have some of those marshmallow squares! :) How lovely that so much family was able to gather together on Father's Day.

  16. Hi Lorrie,
    I hope your cold is about to the end and that your sense of smell will return so that you can smell these gorgeous roses! It looks as though Father's Day was celebrated with much love and some great goodies too!
    Have a lovely week,

  17. I hate summer colds...glad yours is so better.
    Your flowers are so pretty.And, those Marshmallows Squares look sooo good.

  18. Hope that you feel much better soon, June is a bad month to have a cold in...it feels like summer, and you feel like you are being punished. Not good.

    I love those in chocolate...sigh...now I'm craving them.


  19. Hope that you feel much better soon, June is a bad month to have a cold in...it feels like summer, and you feel like you are being punished. Not good.

    I love those in chocolate...sigh...now I'm craving them.


  20. The sweet pictures tell the story of love and family and time shared together. I pray that you are given His strength to face the "downs" with grace.

  21. I'm sorry you've had tears. Thankful for the blessing of your Father's Day celebrations! Sweet times.
    Your flowers are so beautiful. What joy to have them, I certainly hope your sense of smell returns!


  22. Beautiful...your roses! My hydrangeas are just starting...always a favorite bloom of mine.

    Sorry for the 'downs' in your life recently. Hope things are looking mostly 'up' by now. Your sweet treats look most tempting.

  23. Agreed about the ups and downs...sorry for yours, tho'..
    To see a great-grandad with his little grandson ~ that is super special.
    My treat? A very cold chocolate eclair after a very hot journey! (with a cup of tea) : )

  24. Hi Lorrie, your roses are gorgeous! And I love the pink hydrangea too. I'm glad your parents, and in particular, your father came to join your family for Father's Day. That is so very special! I copied your recipe (and I know I have it somewhere) as I think I'll make these for a tea I'm having in July. I hope things are looking 'up' soon. Blessings. Pam

  25. Gorgeous pink rose. What lovely family time together, which is always the best.
    The marshmallow treats look delicious. I haven't made any treats this week, it is too hot.
    Today just made a pasta salad with shrimp and gazpacho for a cold soup on Saturday.
    It is suppose to hit 100 degrees Saturday and it is already too hot right now.

  26. Your flowers are spectacular! You are so blessed to have spent father's day with your dad.Love the pics. Xoxo.

  27. I think you may have just given one of my girls their recipe for a no cook candy for one of their 4h projects! Thank you!

  28. Oh my, Lorrie, your photos are so vibrant! The roses are gorgeous and the hydrangea is so lovely, and is so similar to the one and only one that bloomed on my plant. Grandpa looks adorable at the tea party and the candy look like a perfect summer treat, and easy, too.


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