Sunday, June 07, 2015

Postcard #3: Changing Provinces

Today we drove across that marvel of engineering - the Confederation Bridge. Sliced through a few miles of New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia. 

Forests of green - dark evergreens, pale yellow green of new leaves uncurling in the sunshine, fresh, clear green. The variety of that single color gives just a hint of the splendor that would be autumn here. 

Halifax Public Garden - our little taste of the city late this afternoon. Tulips, magnolias, rhododendrons. I stick my nose into every lilac bush, reveling in the enjoyment of my second spring within a couple of months. Long tendrils of new leaves drape over the fountains. 

More to explore tomorrow. 


  1. I'm enjoying these snippets of your travel adventures. I wonder if Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail will be part of your Nova Scotia trip.


  2. Wonderful to be experienced spring once more so soon.
    Just lovely!

  3. It would be magical to travel into a second spring! So glad you're enjoying all the beauty.

  4. Your travels are taking you to some beautiful places, enjoy your second taste of spring!

  5. You seem to be having a marvellous time away, Lorrie.

  6. What a beautiful garden. So glad you are having fun! xx

  7. Lovely to see sunshine for your travel into Nova Scotia Lorrie - wondering if you'll drive the beautiful Cabot Trail. I can almost smell the lilacs from here!

    Enjoy the moments.
    Mary -

  8. It sounds like you are savoring every bit of your get-away.

  9. So glad that you visited the public garden in Halifax. It is so quaint and charming there!

  10. Wonderful! You're bringing back some happy memories. . .


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