Friday, December 01, 2023

Welcome December


December begins, and with it, preparations and celebrations. A week ago we attended a performance by The Tenors, a wonderful spectacle of music and light. It was fun to get dressed up a little and go out for the evening. 

Last month the family got together to celebrate a few birthdays. Our eldest granddaughter is cooking all kinds of delicious things these days and she made the cake for the party. It tasted even better than it looked. How grown up she is. This weekend there will be another get together to celebrate her birthday and that of her youngest cousin who just turned three. 

In the garden a rose bud slowly opens. We've had a mild and sunny November. Today, however, the sun has been elusive, peeking out once in awhile, but mostly hiding behind grey rain clouds. 

Teaching four days per week (that will end on Dec 21) is causing me some concern about getting ready for Christmas. I've decided that doing a little something every day will get me there. I've pulled the red and white dishes in the dining room, and will add some greenery in the next few days. 

There's a bit of sewing going on - the traditional pajamas for the grandchildren - and a wee bit of crafting. Much of the shopping is complete. 

Outside, I've filled the pots with greenery and holly sprigs from our garden. A wreath base is made and I'll hang that this weekend after adding some holly and rose hips. Baking is beginning - shortbread and rugelach to start with. 

I love this month of the year and want to savour the moments. Advent begins on Sunday, a time of waiting. Little by little the month opens towards Christmas, the celebration of Christ's birth. Longing, anticipation, quietness, joy, and busyness mingle in this month. I leave you with a quote by Diane Ackerman "December offers a banquet for the senses, and many chances to lose oneself in the plain deliciousness of life - all the sights and smells of the season, from wood fires to baking."


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    The sideboard with your red dishes is perfectly lovely. I'm confident that your Christmas preparations will unfold in your classic and elegant style -- always a joy to behold here. Thank you!

    Gretchen Joanna

  2. I’m happy to find your blog! We are reading a special book for Advent. I really need to do more about the decor. It’s moving slowly. I trust that it will be done when needed. Merry wishes to you!

  3. The plain deliciousness of life…..what a lovely expression. I can imagine how delicious that cake tasted and how proud you were of your granddaughter. I don’t envy you your workload but I’m sure you’ll be ready for Christmas when it arrives:) B x

  4. Your grandaughter and the cake she made are a beautiful sight!
    The tenors' concert brings to mind the famous , original trio with Pavarotti, Carreras, Domingo. Unforgettable!

  5. Shopping, cooking, decorating, sewing, teaching... You really have much to do. Doing a little bit every day is a good strategy.
    It's lovely that your granddaughter enjoys cooking and baking. They are skills that make everyone (around) happy.
    Oh, it looks so summery there. :) We have about 20 cm of snow now and temps between -10 and -15 C...
    Have a happy weekend!

  6. Your eldest granddaughter looks a lovely girl, and what a wonderful cake she has made.
    It is really interesting watching grandchildren develop and grow and can be surprising too.
    Mine have all chosen to lead an interesting variety of careers, many of which were completely out
    of my sphere when I grew up.

  7. You're not alone on being very behind for Christmas. It seemed to creep up on me after a crazy November. Your granddaughter is lovely and she looks to be quite an accomplished baker. Hang in there! We'll be ready! (After all, you do have your beautiful greens planters done!)

  8. I love the things you have done so far... great job. I have decorated but that's about it. Looking forward to a wonderful Christmas and I hope you are, too. Have a good one. Latane

  9. You are well underway on the path to Christmas, Lorrie. Love your red dishes on the dining hutch. Understated and elegant. Your plans sound lovely, and I'm confident that doing a little every day will have you exactly right on time for the holidays. Love that Diane Ackerman quote you shared - will have to add it to my commonplace book. Happy day to you!

  10. Such a great season to savour. Love the cake your oldest granddaughter made. Good for her! Happy December and all that it holds.

  11. The smile on your beautiful granddaughter’s face speaks volumes. Happy birthday to her this weekend.

  12. And then there are those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas………

  13. Lovely pictures!

  14. How attractive your dishes look on the grey background. Little by little seems to be the best way of approaching Christmas. Your grandaughter certainly produced a very professional cake!

  15. First I like the Tenors you must have had a nice evening ! Your granddaughter is a very nice girl and the cake looks great.
    I noticed a glass cloche on your shelves I love cloches, but I had too much and I have put some to sell in my shop yesterday.
    I will start decorating this week and on Saturday we bought our real Xmas tree 🌲

  16. Such a lovely smile on your grand-daughters face and that cake she made looks delicious.

    Wishing you a wonderful month of December.

    All the best Jan

  17. I am glad to hear that you found some time for fun amidst your busy schedule.
    Your plan to do something each day seems to be serving you well as your decorative touches inside and out look so pretty.
    Your granddaughter's cake is a work of art. I can imagine how delicious it tasted with all of those fresh strawberries.

  18. The quote is a lovely summary of what December means. Your hutch looks pretty! Your granddaughter is pretty, too, and should well be pleased with her cake. I can never get mine to look so even and put together.

  19. I have always admired your pretty red and white dishes!

    It took me about a week to put up all my festive decor. It was more manageable for me to do a little bit each day.

  20. What a beautiful photo of your grandchild... it's wonderful when the family comes together to experience beautiful things together.
    And a concert with the appropriate wardrobe preparations is always a wonderful experience.
    I wish you a happy Advent season. Exactly. That's right, joy in Advent... peace and relaxation, the time to introspect.
    Thank you for your beautiful photos.
    Much joy to you.

  21. I am taking to heart your encouragement that "doing a little something every day will get me there." It has been a busy season (year!) for me with taking care of my parents, but I want to enjoy the blessings of the season.

    Oh my goodness. Your granddaughter is looking so grown up! And if that cake tasted better than it looked . . . well, it must have been amazing! Isn't it delightful to see your grandchildren growing and learning and delving into their own interests?

  22. Aww Lorrie, look at your beautiful granddaughter and her excellent cake creation!! How fun to go out for the evening. I went to a church luncheon that included a cappella singers and it was a wonderful way to begin advent. I’m trying to do a little baking, candy making and gift wrapping each day.

  23. Your granddaughter's radiant smile is so heartwarming 😊, and the cake she baked looks absolutely delightful 🍰🌟!

    Hugs and blessings, Lorrie

  24. I rarely comment - or maybe have never commented! I enjoy your blog. Your granddaughter looks so grown up and what a wonderful job she did with that cake. Well done her!

  25. That is one stunning cake your beautiful granddaughter baked! Happy birthday to her and her little cousin and everyone else who recently celebrated. I do love your red bordered china in the white cabinet. How nice to dress up one night and attend the concert! Lorrie, I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's Christmas pajamas will look like!

  26. Marilyn M5:23 PM

    Love the greenery. I asked my daughter to bring me some, as we don't have any in our yard to pick. Your granddaughter's cake is impressive. I would love it with strawberries, my favorite.

  27. We saw The Tenors as well! So much has happened since as we've been getting ready for Christmas, but it was a fun entry into this month. Your granddaughter's cake is beautiful!


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