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Our home was built in the mid-80's and has big, blank mirrors in every bathroom. I like their size, but they needed something to bring them into the 21st century. I asked my husband (he's so talented and accommodating) to make simple black frames for them. You can see that the frame (made from molding) really defines the mirror and punches up the space. This main bathroom is already black and red and cream so it really fits in well.

Our master bath is soft blue, but I still like the black frame around the mirror. You'll notice, too, that the light fixture is black. It is original to the house and used to be the bronzey-gold tone. Tim took it down, cleaned it well, and sprayed it black. And I've seen NEW fixtures exactly like it - in black. My jewelry is hanging on what used to be a rose drying rack - from the 80's as well when we all had tons of dried flowers around the house. Until recently my jewelry was in drawers and hard to organize. I like this idea much better.

My hydrangeas are still blooming. I just love their blowsy form and soft colours. The colour is waning, just like the sun, but these are still glorious days to enjoy. I hope your September day is full of small pleasures to treasure.
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  1. Lorrie, Our house is early 90's with the same big mirrors. I sure hope I can borrow your idea, cause I love it! It really makes your bathroom look awesome and very 21st century!

    BTW, I too adore Dorothy L. Sayers and the Peter Wimsey books and movies. (especially the budding romance between him and Harriet Vane). A long time ago, I remember first seeing the series on PBS or somewhere like that..... so I went searching for the books too.

  2. Lorrie,

    I love the simple touches that lend to such an up dated feel. I love the tip of spraying the light fixture. I am not happy with mine in my master bath because the finish is tarnishing. I was thinking of replacing them but with your tip and a second look at their design I think I can do this too!

    Thanks for dropping in for a visit and you can toss some of that bumper crop my way! Have a sweet evening.

  3. I'll be showing that photo to The Great Dane - we have the same huge, bland mirrors in our bathrooms - the frames just seem to bring them into this decade. Great idea!

  4. The mirror does look really good. I think it is the last trick in the book I haven't tried. :)

    Love your jewelry holder.


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