Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Christmas time's a'coming


My partner for the Christmas swap, Andi wants to see more of my home. I realized that I haven't taken many pictures that feature my home or decorating efforts. I'm trying to do more of that, inspired by the lovely photos I see in so many blogs. I love decorating and creating vignettes throughout my home. I just never thought to take photos!
On the doorknobs of our rooms I hang these crazy quilted hearts that I made years ago. I don't really decorate the bedrooms, but like to have a small touch of Christmas upstairs to complement the downstairs.

This was last year's tree. I'm hoping to add more white to it this year. I like simplicity, but not minimalism, if that makes any sense. I don't like clutter. I love seeing the branches of the tree. To me, the tree is a large part of the atmosphere and I don't want to use it just as an ornament stand. We always have a "real" tree. The scent wafts through the house.

I do something different every year for the dinner table. Last year I went with a red and white theme (obviously). I cut paper snowflakes from vellum and laid them over a red table runner. I wish I had added some greenery to the candle tray in the middle of the table. I haven't really thought about what I'll do this year.

Hope this helps a little, Andi. I'll post more photos of my home in the next few days.
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  1. Lorrie, thanks so much for posting these wonderful pictures. I love your Christmas tree and your table setting is lovely.

    I posted pictures on my blog last year in December of our home decor. You can check under my blog archives to see them.

    Thanks again Lorrie.

  2. Wow, you've jumped ahead a ways! Love your tree and table :)

  3. We are so alike! I like to do something different for the dinner table as well. Though I sometimes stress myself out trying to think of new ideas!

  4. Lorrie, what lovely decorations. I am just not quite ready to jump into Christmas decorating (which is unusual for me), but I know it's not far away! Although I must admit that I am too curious about what is in all those packages on your table! :-)

    BTW...Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.


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