Sunday, October 28, 2007

One of the best days


On Friday night my husband and youngest daughter and I watched "A Good Year." It's not a great movie but the scenery took me back to June. My husband and I had a wonderful time visiting Paris, Provence and Spain. In Provence, we stayed in Avignon. One day we rented a motor-scooter. I was VERY nervous at first, envisioning my skin scraping along the pavement if we fell. With only the most rudimentary map, we zoomed our way to the Pont du Gard. I was in awe. As a lover of history, I wondered if perhaps some of the Roman soldiers who were in Palestine during the time of Christ and the early church might have tramped along the bridge.

The day was hot and sunny. Tim and I had brought along our swimming suits. Changing in the bushes was a prickly experience and the rocky river bottom hard on my feet. But how cool and refreshing the water felt. As I floated on my back and gazed at the bridge I was sure the men who had built with stones had done the very same thing.

Later that day we drove along small country roads. Warm air scented with olive trees, vineyards, sunflowers and rosemary rushed against my face, filling my senses with the sights, smells and sounds of this small part of the world.

Now, with winter descending in grey skies and cooling air, I know that summer is gone but the memories will remain.
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  1. What a truly lovely post. The sights and scents of Provence breathe through the writing. It's such a blessing to have these memories to return to as the snow and ice threaten to settle in.

  2. What a beautiful post. I agree with Becca, it's almost as good as being there! Provence is such a special place, isn't it?
    Thanks so much for sharing...

  3. Your travels sound so amazing. I have never been to Europe and you make it sound so wonderful.


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