Monday, October 08, 2007

So Thankful


This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. We had our turkey dinner yesterday. I love having my family all together. A university student whose home is on an island at the other end of the country joined us. It was a mellow evening, full of interesting conversation, comforting food and a small bit of drama.

While cleaning off the turkey carcass, before dessert, the knife slipped and I gashed my finger badly. Ooh, it hurt. I ran it under the water while my husband and daughters scrambled for towels and bandaids. Husband decided that it just might need stitches, so off to the family clinic we went. As it turned out stitches were not needed, but I had a tetanus shot. And came home to a clean kitchen and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.
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  1. What a horrible thing to do during your celebration. Glad it was not as bad as you thought though.
    I kn ew that Americans celebrated Thanksgiving but until I have recently read some b logs I never realised that Canadians did too although I know it is a different date.
    Churches used to celebrate Harvest Festival with lots of produce brought in and arranged to decorate the church which would then later go to homes and hospitals etc.
    I have not heard of that happening for many years now but it is possible it may be in some of the countryside.
    I have never known anyone to decorate their homes thoughin this country.


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