Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

I've always been glad to be Canadian - for many reasons. But here's one reason in particular. We get two days off for Christmas! Boxing Day, on the 26th, is a time to relax and do just about nothing. I've puttered around the house picking up bits and pieces, snacked on leftovers, watched a little television and read blogs. My husband and I took a quick trip to the furniture store - just looking - but we soon came home to do more of nothing.

My daughter stacked some toilet paper rolls on the stairs to take to her downstairs bathroom. Then she thought they looked a little bit like a she got a marker to make a face...then her father suggested arms...and here is the result. The most ridiculous snowman I've ever seen. But so much fun.

Christmas morning breakfast - just four of us - husband, daughter and friend. A quiet meal, eaten in the breakfast room before the hustle and bustle of the day. The other two children and their spouses came over around midday and we had a lovely, lovely time. I hope you all had as enjoyable a day as we had.
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  1. I think Boxing Day is such a great holiday - b/c you kind of need a day to unwind after Christmas. Also - it seems to diminish the excitement of Christmas, thinking it's back to work the next day.

    I grew up in Manitoba and now live in the mid-west it's real hard for me to get the feeling it's first I thought it was b/c we were away from I think that is only part of it - the other part is not enough cold and snow! Without it - the world just looks the same and how can it be Christmas when you can still see grass and can go out on a long walk and take off your jacket!

  2. Lorrie,

    How precious... love the tp snowman. It just shows that you have instilled your creativity into your daughter.

    Your table is beautiful and it looks like your crystal is very similar to mine, which was originally my grandmothers. So glad you have the tradition of Boxing Day, so you could get a little rest. We don't call it Boxing Day, but we still pretty much took it easy around here yesterday. Nice, very nice!


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