Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Dinner - The Easy Version

This year, I decided I was not cooking a huge turkey dinner for Christmas. My reasons were:

1. It takes too long to cook and clean up when there are better things to do.
2. We're having a big dinner at my parents' place this Saturday where we will have our fill of turkey and trimmings.
3. I was up for something different.

Our married children arrived around 12:00. I had a beautiful table set (by our youngest daughter) and we enjoyed locro, a potato soup from Ecuador and shrimp ceviche. Later, for dessert, we had the buche de noel.

After opening presents and taking a walk I set up the kitchen table and counter with various appetizers - spanakopita, cheese, fruit, crackers, stuffed mushrooms, artichoke dip, vegetables, cold cuts, etc. Our son is turning into quite a cook and brought some delicious blackened chicken calzones to add to the table. Dessert was Christmas baking and hot apple cider served from the crockpot.
I didn't use the dining room table because it was occupied by board games - Settlers and Ticket to Ride.

Would I do this again? I think so. I had a hard time the day before thinking that I should be cutting bread for stuffing and making the side dishes to go along with the turkey. Once Christmas Day came, all was good. The meals were delicious but didn't take all day to prepare and consume.

I like doing big dinners - serving the various courses and spending lots of time at the table. But it seems that the dinner is not necessarily the main event at Christmas time, so why spend the effort then? I'm already planning an elegant, sit-down dinner for my family in January or February.

Last year, after the big dinner and the gifts, we clustered around the fire, playing games, talking, laughing. And our eldest daughter said, "This is the best time, just being together.

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  1. Your feast looks delicious! Made me want to reach in through the computer and taste a few of those foods...the blackened chicken calzones sounds wonderful!

    Can you believe I had never heard of, let alone tasted a calzone until about 2 years ago!?

    Your reasons for your dinner were similar to mine...and being that 2 of our family of 4 are under 10 yrs seems like a lot of work, that at that time might not be fully appreciated.

    Sure our families are worth some extra trouble and time...and moms the world over know all about that. But sometimes the moms also need to rest and celebrate in a different way... ummmm how is it a holiday when I am the only one doing the same thing I do 7 days a week.

  2. Well I have to say what you served sure looks yummy!

    On Christmas Eve night we always do lots of different appetizers and everyone loves it!

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Your Christmas day sounds lovely. Why do we think we have to always do the traditional. I guess one needs to just do it rather than ask. I mentioned something different to my children a few years ago and they were horrified saying, please we want to keep it traditional. They are older now with their own homes so maybe.....!

    I have just caught up with all your recent posts. I can see you are not at work! That rooster is interesting to have it in the kitchen. That is the kind of thing that we put in the garden. Looks good though.

    Nice to have roses on the table at Christmas. I have been bringing roses in until I recently cut everything back when we were having high winds. Not pruned (we do that in Feb/March) but just shortened so I then lost my blooms.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting and letting me into your Christmas.
    Blessings for the New Year.


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