Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Making Things

My swap partner Andi received her parcel in the mail, so now I can post what I sent off to her. Some beeswax candles, quilted coasters, cards and tags, and an ornament not in the photo.

I had fun making this shadow box. I covered the back with old sheet music and layered it with a "Fa la la" and a little glitter. The bird on the nest is taffeta and I'm planning to make some more to perch here and there in my house.

Who knew old music would become so popular? A couple of years ago, while cleaning out, I took stacks of old music books from when I was learning to play piano to the thrift store. This happens many times when I clean out stuff - all of a sudden the item will be in hot demand.
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  1. And I'm so happy to be the lucky one to receive this package of wonderful goodies...thank you again Lorrie!

  2. Wow great package!
    Love your collage~!


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