Monday, September 01, 2008

Autumn is Here!

Melissa at The Inspired Room is hosting a Fall Nesting Week. I don't have many warm colours in my home - I tend to blues, grays and yellow, but I like little touches of autumn here and there. I hope you enjoy seeing them and check Melissa's site for more wonderful Fall Nesting ideas.

Although the official date for autumn's beginning is not for another three weeks, it always seems to start right after Labour Day weekend. School begins and the crispness in the air, even though the sun's warmth continues, indicates a the weather and in my mind. Today I changed the wire cone on my front door from summer to fall. I lined the cone with paper that can easily be changed according to the season, and the silk flowers provide the colours of fall.
Dahlias - glowingly beautiful in a pot on the patio.
When autumn comes I pull out the candles. I love lighting them in the evenings, or on cold mornings. I lined a silver tray with tatted, crocheted and stitched round doilies, set a grapevine wreath on top and then a wire pumpkin holding a candle and some fall colours.

A cup of hot chocolate or tea is always welcome when the rain falls and the air is chilly. I like to have a tray ready to carry to the living room or bedroom and it makes a nice accent on our dry sink in the family room.
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  1. Hi there....your Fall decor is lovely! Found you from over at Melissa's. Happy Nesting. cherry

  2. Hi Lorrie! I love that cone on your front door! And of course, a tray of hot chocolate really says FALL!

    Thank you so much for participating in Fall Nesting Week and inspiring us to get going on some projects!

    Happy week & blessings to you,

  3. Mmm, hot chocolate is my favorite treat in the fall and winter. Love how you have a pretty tray for it!

    I think oranges can look really pretty with blues because of the contrast. Your front door is proof! -Julia

  4. Thanks for your fall ideas. I've got to go get started now. Jackie

  5. I love all of you fall touches that you gave to your lovely home!

    Nice to meet you :)

    PS: Now, I want hot cocoa ;)

  6. How beautiful everything looks. In my heart, it feels like fall but, in reality, Tucson's 100 degree weather is definitely still in summer mode.

  7. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Hi Lorrie, I love your touches of Fall!

  8. Such pretty ideas--love the chicken wire cone, and the silver & lace mixed with fall items!


  9. Your fall decor is very pretty, especially the door arrangement! :) ~Rhonda

  10. Beautiful. I love it all. Great blog!

  11. Love the cup of hot chocolate idea-

  12. Hi Lorrie,
    Your hot chocolate tray is a comforting image for fall. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  13. I love your silver tray~!

  14. I love the color that the berries add to your settings - also the hot chocolate tray, a must for Fall! :)

  15. Great touches of fall! I'm looking forward to hot chocolate.

  16. Hi
    Love your fall decor! You've done a wonderful job!

  17. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I'm loving all of your fall touches.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Lorrie, these are such beautiful autumn things and I do love this season! I have left an award for you at the "Cottage". Have a wonderful day.


  19. Love your style sista!

  20. Lorrie,

    I love that cone, did you make it? Seems like a simple idea, but ever so versatile.

    Janet @ Housepeepers.

  21. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Your Fall Door Decor is so pretty. I found you via The Inspired Room, so glad Melissa hosts these fun games:)

  22. I love the hot chocolate idea! I have a friend who has a cup every night, so it might be a great Christmas gift idea for her!!

    Fun post!!

  23. Absolutely charming Fall decor. I especially love the tiny silver spoons added to the tray. Delightful!


  24. Lovely ideas! Especially like your tray.

  25. How pretty! I especially love the silver tray with doilies, pumpkin, and candles. Beautiful photos with the light play.

  26. Your decorating touches are lovely! I especially enjoy candles this time of year too.
    I plan to begin my autumn decorating this weekend; thanks so much for sharing the inspiration!

  27. Your decorations are pretty. I LOVE that tray of hot chocolate - might have to borrow that idea!

  28. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

    God Bless!

  29. Beautiful fall decor~I especially like that silver tray ~ I've got such a thing for trays!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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